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dydb Command line tool for AWS DynamoDB

dynalite A mock implementation of Amazon's DynamoDB built on LevelDB

dynamite promise-based DynamoDB client

dynamo DynamoDB client for node.js

dynamo-client A low-level client for accessing DynamoDB

dynamo-table Maps JS objects and queries to DynamoDB tables

dynamo-table-extensions Adds higher-level methods to dynamo-table

dynamo-table-id Adds ID/counter generating methods to dynamo-table instances

dynamocmd AWS dynamodb command line utility

dynamodb Simple DynamoDB Library for Node.js

dynamodb-model Elegant DynamoDB object modeling influenced from MongoDB and the Mongoose API

dynamoose Dynamoose is a modeling tool for Amazon's DynamoDB (inspired by Mongoose)

fake-dynamo-gem A node wrapper for the fake_dynamo gem

fash A consistent hashing library for node

generator-angular-dynamo A Yeoman generator for AngularJS + Dynamo

gulp-dynamo Helps you generate your gulp.js file, so you can concentrate on building awesome apps

local-dynamo A Node.js wrapper of AWS DynamoDB Local and utilities

magneto A DynamoDB backend in node for testing

mambo The best document mapper for DynamoDB.

mysql-dynamo A solution to use the `simple-dynamo` interface with a MySQL database. So you can create a offline version of a AWS-DynamoDB project.

mysql-dynamo-pump Pump data from a mysql databse to aws dynamo db.

simple-dynamo Abstraction of Amazons Dynamo DB Service. Usage of AWS DynamoDB incredible simple.

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