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astrolabe Page objects for protractor

banoffee E2E testing for your node.js web app, using Selenium, ChromeDriver, Mocha, SauceLabs, ...

e2e-bridge-cli CLI interface to E2E Bridge

e2e-generic-pool Generic resource pooling for Node.JS with e2e-transaction-logger support

e2e-transaction-logger Transaction log interface

gulp-protractor-qa Gulp Protractor QA warns you on the fly whether all element() selectors could be found or not within your AngularJS view files.

karma-ng-scenario A Karma plugin. Adapter for Angular's Scenario Runner.

meteor-storm WebDriver E2E test wrapper for Meteor.

protractor-firebase Firebase wrapper for use in Protractor tests

protractor-polyglot Make protractor speaking something different !

viff Find virtual differences between web pages in different environments(developing, staging, production) and browsers.

wd-tractor A port of protractor to the admc/wd driver. Angularjs e2e and midway testing using a straightforward api.

webdriverjs-angular Webdriverjs lib compatible with angular.js apps

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