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async-each No-bullshit, ultra-simple, 35-lines-of-code async parallel forEach function for JavaScript.

async-each-series Apply an async function to each Array element in series.

bredele-each Iteration utility

co-each Parallel forEach for generators

dir-each higher order function for iterating over files

each Chained and parallel async iterator in one elegant function

each-async Async concurrent iterator

each-module Execute a function on each module in a directory

eachfile Iterate the files of a directory

eachr Give eachr an array or object, and the iterator, in return eachr will give the iterator the value and key of each item, and will stop if the iterator returned false.

ee-async simpler control flow for asynchronous operations

enumerable-js Utility functions for all types of collections

faithful Like Async, but employing promises.

fasteach a simplified each loop, that is faster than Array.forEach

foreach foreach component + npm package

foreach-extended foreach component + npm package

foreachasync A node- and browser-ready async counterpart of Array.prototype.forEach

forEachAsync A node- and browser-ready async counterpart of Array.prototype.forEach

functional.js A functional JavaScript library that facilitates currying and point-free programming

handlebars-helper-eachitems {{eachItems}} handlebars helper.

iterate some iterator functions

lag.each The lag function each() as a standalone module.

looping Iteration utility

mekanika-utils-each Functional style immutable collection iterator `each( fn, collection )`

object-enhancements Many helpful functions for javascript Object

repeat-brick Lego plugin to Instantiate a DOM element once per item into a Store

repit Repeat a DOM element once per item into a datastore

sharedjs The most needed utility functions for writing shared code between browser and client.

tree-each forEach for trees

u.walk Oject traversal

xtnd Utility for arrays and objects

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