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async-bfs Flexible functional async breadth first search

bipartite-independent-set Maximum independent set for bipartite graph

bipartite-matching Maximum unweighted bipartite matching

bipartite-vertex-cover Minimal vertex cover for bipartite graphs

connected-components Finds connected components of an undirected graph

data-structures JavaScript data structures written in CoffeeScript.

dynamic-forest Maintains connectivity information for a graph under dynamic insertions and deletions

edge-registery Access windows registery

edges-to-adjacency-list Convert a list of edges to an adjacency list

euler-characteristic Euler characteristic for simplicial complexes

Graph A mathematical Graph theory library.

imgresizejs smart resize images in a HTML5 Canvas

maximal-independent-set Maximal independent vertex sets

poly-line Generate paths and cycles

redis-graph a graph database using redis sets

simplicial-cartesian-product Cartesian product of simplicial complexes

simplicial-complex Topological indexing for simplicial complexes

simplify-planar-graph Simplifies a planar graph

terra grounds how we move onward

undirender render undirected graphs in the terminal

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