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4square-venues Simple module for adding, editing or searching Foursquare Venues via the API

autoborg Automatic compilation of changed files, live updates in the browser

configurate Set up workflow to load existing or default config, allow user to edit it and then serializes it to disk.

didyoumean Match human-quality input to potential matches by edit distance.

editor launch $EDITOR in your program

ep_codepad Finetune Etherpad Lite for code editing

jbinary High-level I/O for binary data.

jinplace A jQuery plugin for in place editing on a page, primarly controlled by HTML markup.

jsonator A Node JS app for manipulating JSON string text streams

level-json-edit Taking editing json to the next level with multilevel.

live-modules Allows modules to be edited while in use, modules will be reloaded into running application if edited.

me Markdown editor

me-editor Markdown editor

mongo-edit Dead simple GUI for editing MongoDB documents

mrvon_test_package just for test.

node-edit Launch $EDITOR with a default set of text and allow the user to make changes. Strip out the comments and fire a callback with the new text, or false if the text has not changed. Share and edit documents in real-time. Lightweight and modular alternative to shareJS.

radedit Collaborative Development Framework

replpad Pipes content of files to a node repl whenever they change and adds many more features to enable a highly interactive coding experience.

strand string tools

string-editor Edit a string using $EDITOR from within your node app.

universal-reloader Ultra-compatible command-line tool for autoreloading most browsers on file changes

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