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brainhoney.js Functional wrapper for the BrainHoney DLAP API.

e3 education, engagement and evolution

lti Learning Tools Interoperability node.js library.

masteryconnect Functional wrapper for the MasteryConnect RESTful API.

masteryconnect.js Functional wrapper for the MasteryConnect RESTful API.

mongo-edu Select and download videos and handouts from courses

newswriter NewsWriter is a generic tool for maintaining news and announcements on a website news page. Details are held in an SQLite database, from which the tool generates the index page (typically the top page of the target site), individual pages for events and a

node-edmodo-api A Node NPM package to interact with the Edmodo API

quizzer Quizzer is a webserver for collaborative writing lab support. Based on a _fail early, fail often? approach to written language, the tool is particularly suited to second-language learners. The workflow (essay - error - quiz - exam) treats mistakes as an o

score Text-based musical score parser for Node.js

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