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alexandria A storage interface to store crawled content in Elasticsearch

backbone-db-elasticsearch Elasticsearch driver for backbone-db

black-pearl Metrics collector that push metrics to Elastic Search + Kibana.

black-pearl-client Ultra simple client to push metrics in a Elastic Search + Kibana.

bunyan-elasticsearch A Bunyan stream for sending log data to Elasticsearch

connect-elasticsearch Elasticsearch session store for Connect

elastic-client ElasticSearch client. The module can be used to start ElasticSearch instances, configure instance settings, and interact with the instance after it is initialized.

elastic.js Javascript API for ElasticSearch

elastical An ElasticSearch client.

elasticbone Connect Backbone to Elasticsearch

elasticclient ElasticSearch API Wrapper

elasticdump import and expot tools for elasticsearch

elasticmongo Elasticsearch Plugin for Mongoose

elasticmongoose Just a simple mongoose plugin for elastic search indexing

elasticness Simple elasticsearch client

elastics Simple & handy client for elasticsearch

elasticscroll Tool to use the Elasticsearch Scrooll API

elasticsearch-bulk Extends elasticsearch-client to support the bulk API.

elasticsearch-memcache A node.js driver for elasticsearch over the memcache protocol

elasticsearch-memcached Wraps elasticsearch with memcached transport.

elasticsearchclient A client for Elastic Search

elasticstream elasticsearch streaming indexer

elastix A Fully Featured ElasticSearch Client with EJS integration.

elmongo Mongoose + Elasticsearch

elucene extended lucene query syntax with sorting, field selection, limits etc

es API around the ElasticSearch RESTful API -- mostly convenience.

es-cli Elasticsearch CLI for querying your logs

es-sequence Node.js module for Elasticsearch that provides sequences of auto-incrementing integers that can be used to set the id of new documents.

eslight Lightweight Elasticsearch client

esproxy A fault-tolerant proxy layer for ElasticSearch.

esq Easily build elasticsearch queries

homura-elasticsearch a homura (IRC bouncer) module to index IRC logs to ElasticSearch

hubot-elk-restore Elasticsearch Restore/Close API wrapper for Hubot (ELK focused).

ldapjs-elasticsearch Search into your elastic search datas throught LDAP.

log4js-elasticsearch log4js appender for node that targets elasticsearch. Compatible with logstash's elasticsearch_http output; Viewable with Kibana.

modeler-elasticsearch ElasticSearch store for modeler.

node-document-storage-elasticsearch Storage adapter `elasticsearch` for `node-document` ODM for Node.js.

node-elastic thin Node.js ElasticSearch client

npm2es push npm package metadata into elasticsearch for querying

pirate A simple storage interface with adapters for different storage systems

seneca-elasticsearch elasticsearch plugin for seneca

simple-elasticsearch Minimalistic Elasticsearch client

sirvlog Application log server

slingshot Simple set of command line tools for managing ElasticSearch data and mappings.

solr-synonyms Parse Solr/ElasticSearch synonyms files into JavaScript objects.

tremor-elastic Use tremor to shove leg-format logs into ElasticSearch

winston-elasticsearch An Elasticsearch transport for winston

winston-zeromq-elasticsearch A ZeroMQ-ElasticSearch transport for Winston.

yal-elasticsearch Elasticsearch plugin for yal-server

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