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attr-bind 2-way dom element binding

attr-chooser select among a list of dom elements with the same attribute

bem-smoke Helper library to assist smoke-testing of the bem technologies.

clonenode deep DOM node clone

component-matches-selector Check if an element matches a given selector

component-sort Sort DOM elements

container-el Container element.

content-ready Listen for moment when content of element is ready (even with all images).

custom-elements A cross-browser polyfill for the Custom Elements portion of the W3C Web Components specification.

dom-behavior Define javascript behavior for DOM elements

domlt obtain [left, top] from an element

domwh obtain [width, height] from an element or window

domy-element html or css selector into DOM elements

elementize Convert HTML into an array of DOM Elements

elemento elemento / Web Component

express-outdatedhtml Replace HTML5-element-names with proven old ones, on-the-fly during view render, to reach IE compatibility.

first-match Find the first element in an array that passes a callback test. Equivalent to underscore.find()

gl-buffer WebGL buffer wrapper

html-element A simple HTMLElement shim on the server.

html-generate Generate HTML from a plain object definition

html.js An intuitive, extensible way to work directly with the DOM.

id get element by id

izzy A robust micro library for type checking. Defers to constructs' internal `[[Class]]` property rather than duck typing for excellent type detection and to avoid triggering false positives.

jquery-element-diff jQuery plugin that generates JavaScript code to arrange element to be same.

jsdoc-bem Plugin for for documenting bem enteties

jsdom-editor Edit the DOM and reload it

jsdom-inspector Navigate through dom elements

matches-selector-2 Check if an element matches a given selector

ncname Regular expression for matching XML NCName

ply-cli Command-line utility for generating and working with Google Polymer element sources

pointer-trap Trap the user's cursor within an element for nicer game controls.

polymeric Wraps a collection of polymer elements into a namespace.

pseudio A CSS PSeudo Class & Element Stripper

quadtreelabeler Functions that provide a consistent way to label D3 quadtree nodes and translate them to and from DOM element ids.

remove-element Removes an element from the DOM

scrollwatcher Module that emits events when elements scroll into view.

selazy CSS selectors test one element at a time

sort Sort DOM elements

svgify A browserify transform for requiring SVG files to embed directly in your code.

tagster Tagster is simple library which is helping you create html strings with ease.

tiny-element A tiny DOM element selector

unpack-element unpack an element's children based on their id

validate-element-name Validate the name of a custom element

vista Really easy, CSS-based, location-driven display control for your elements.

xml-char-classes Regular expressions for matching against the XML Character Classes

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