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aria_fox_gpio Acmesystems Aria/Fox GPIO manager

bonescript Physical computing library for embedded Linux

coffee-subscript Integration between CoffeeScript and arbitrary DSL-s that compile to JavaScript

daisy_gpio GPIO manager for Acmesystems Aria/Fox boards with Daisy fast prototyping boards

dblite a zero hassle wrapper for sqlite

egs Embedded GorillaScript template generator

ejdb EJDB - Embedded JSON Database engine

final-db Embeded document based database system that uses bare file system as a storage. NoSql style.

grist Embedded document store upward compatible with MongoDB

jaguardb The simplest in-process database for Node.js that could possible work.

nedb File-based embedded data store for node.js

node-http-server A very simple and fast http server for node, bash, and spawnable from C, Python etc. It is lightweight and great for embedded solutions as well as everyday development or public facing apps.

nosql NoSQL embedded database for small node.js projects (supports insert, update, remove, views, drop, stored)

onoff GPIO access and interrupt detection on the BeagleBone or Raspberry Pi

puny Embedded document store upward compatible with MongoDB

sparknode Interface with a spark core through the cloud api.

tingodb Embedded Node.js database upward compatible with MongoDB

tinkerforge Official API bindings for all Tinkerforge hardware

tungus Mongoose driver for TingoDB embedded database

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