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ajs-express ExpressJS Middleware for AjaxSnapshots

broccoli-defeatureify Remove specially flagged feature blocks and debug statements using Defeatureify

ember-auth Authentication framework for ember.js.

ember-auth-easy Authentication framework for ember.js.

ember-auth-module-action-redirectable action redirectable module for ember-auth

ember-auth-module-auth-redirectable auth redirectable module for ember-auth

ember-auth-module-ember-data ember data integration module for ember-auth

ember-auth-module-ember-model ember model integration module for ember-auth

ember-auth-module-epf epf integration module for ember-auth

ember-auth-module-rememberable rememberable module for ember-auth

ember-auth-module-timeoutable timeoutable module for ember-auth

ember-auth-module-url-authenticatable url authenticatable module for ember-auth

ember-auth-request-dummy dummy request adapter for ember-auth

ember-auth-request-jquery jquery request adapter for ember-auth

ember-auth-response-dummy dummy response adapter for ember-auth

ember-auth-response-json json response adapter for ember-auth

ember-auth-session-cookie cookie session adapter for ember-auth

ember-auth-session-dummy dummy session adapter for ember-auth

ember-auth-session-local-storage local storage session adapter for ember-auth

ember-auth-strategy-dummy dummy strategy adapter for ember-auth

ember-auth-strategy-token token strategy adapter for ember-auth

ember-infinite-pagination Infinite Pagination for EmberJS

ember-oauth2 OAuth2 library for Emberjs that stores tokens in the browsers localStorage

ember-pagination Pagination framework for ember.js.

ember-simple-data a simple data store for emberjs

ember-sockets (WebSockets) integrated with Ember.js' observer pattern.

express-seojs SEO.js makes your BackboneJS, AngularJS or EmberJS apps crawlable by Google to make them appear in search results

generator-ember-laravel A generator creating ember specific templates in a laravel world

generator-jhipster-ember Java + Spring + JPA + EmberJS complete dev stack

grunt-ember-i18n-include This is a helper task for Ember.I18n that let you easily split your language files into several per language that are then combined using grunt.

grunt-ember-i18n-precompile This is a helper task for Ember.I18n that let you precompile your language files so it can be used on a site without the handlebars compiler loaded on the client.

maglev Preconfigured simple NodeJS framework

mimosa-ember-handlebars A Handlebars/Ember client template compiler for Mimosa 2.0+

mimosa-emberscript A EmberScript compiler for Mimosa 2.0+

mimosa-emblem A Emblem/Ember client template compiler for Mimosa 2.0+

mimosa-handlebars-on-window A Mimosa module for modifying handlebars.js and attaching Handlebars to the window

mincer-emblem-engine A mincer engine that compiles Emblemjs templates for Emberjs applications

pagination-pager {{pagination-pager}} - Ember.js Component for Bootstrap 3 pagination & pager components

prerender-node express middleware for serving prerendered javascript-rendered pages for SEO

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