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advanced-require Require things in Node.js.

albert-client EventEmitter for albert HTTP event server

asEvented Micro event emitter which provides the observer pattern to JavaScript object.

async-emitter Non-blocking event emitter

axon High-level messaging & socket patterns implemented in pure js

bazaar A publish-subscribe (broadcast-listen) layer for same-origin inter-window communication

better-emit-stream turn event emitters into streams and streams into event emitters

box2d-events Easier event listening for Box2D collisions

bredele-promise Promises A+ implementation based on emitter

bredele-states Finite state machine

chained-emitter chained-emitter is a an implementation of the EventEmitter found in Node.js, based on EventEmitter2, but adding the ability to return a promise in an event handler.

clarinet SAX based evented streaming JSON parser in JavaScript (browser and node)

co-event Return any event that an emitter emits

collectioneventemitter A base class to extend for any class that wants to use both UnderscoreJS array mixins and eventemitter

collectioneventemitter2 A base class to extend for any class that wants to use both UnderscoreJS array mixins and eventemitter2

common-emitter Common EventEmitter implementation for both server-side NodeJS and client-side Browser environments.

component-channel two sided event emitter with middleware

concert An event library that implements the observer pattern (a.k.a publish/subscribe). Similar to Node's EventEmitter and Backbone.Events, but independent, minimal and light-weight.

context-emitter A simple extension of node's EventEmitter that permits setting the context of emitter events.

css-emitter fire events on css transition and animation completion by @ecarter

distribus A scalable, distributed message bus

dna-event-channel dna-event-channel =================

docker-events Create an event emitter from dockerode's events response

dom-emitter Manage the events of a DOM element

domevents node.js eventemitter api for dom events

drip An EventEmitter alternative for nodejs and the browser that supports namespaces and wildcards.

duplex-emitter Duplex Event Emitter

ee Event-Driven library.

eek mix in an EventEmitter to your constructor

eioemitter EventEmitter duplexer for

elo cross-browser JavaScript events and data module

emi a stupidly tiny event emitter

emighter A simple async-ok event emitter.

emit A reactive toolkit for JavaScript

emit-stream turn event emitters into streams and streams into event emitters turn emitters to streams and streams to emitters. Event branching and 2-way communication

emits Simple cross-platform event emitter.

emitter-context Same as node Events with support for handler context

emitter-mixin Node's EventEmitter mixin

emitter-queue Queue store for emitter events

emitter-scope-relay EventEmitter with ability to relay events into AngularJS scopes

emitterjs Event emitter library

energy Simple cross-platform event emitter.

estate aggregate state on a single event emitter

ev Fast event emitter - compatible with node's EventEmitter but faster!

event-channel Event handling implementation.

event-emitter Cross-environment event emitter

event-emitter-grouped Emit events in serial or parallel with support for synchronous and asynchronous listeners

event-scheduler An event emitter wrapper, nested callback remover

eventemitter-pipe Pipe one EventEmitter into another

eventemitter2 A Node.js event emitter implementation with namespaces, wildcards, TTL and browser support.

eventemitter3 EventEmitter3 focuses on performance while maintaining a Node.js AND browser compatible interface. This the source of the same EventEmitter that is used in Primus.

eventflow Flow control for your event emitters

eventhub Message passing in node implemented with EventEmitters

eventi Powerful application events and event handling, made easy.

events-component Node's events module in the browser

eventyoshi Allows several event emitters to be listened and emitted through a single one.

ever dom events with a node-style EventEmitter api

expressemitter Express + Emitter = Express + SSE + Emitter = ExpreSSEmitter

extended-emitter An emitter with expanded utility, UMD with dependencies for node and the browser

final-events Event Dispatcher with bubbling feature

fwd Forward one (emitter|stream)'s events to another

glob-events Event emitter with glob support on event names

hap An extension to the Node.js events.EventEmitter.

happening Distributed network-based event emitter

hub-namespace Namespaces for hub.js

hubjs Pub/Sub oriented JavaScript for Node and the browser

intervalemitter Run processes at intervals

ircee A tiny modular IRC library with a stream / event-emitter based API

jsonwatch Json file reader, which will emit events on the Json file content. It will also watch your Json file for any changes and emit events which will tell you about the changes. This module was intended for reading/watching configuration files which may change while running an app.

listenable listenable is a super simple event emitter intended for the browser

logule A multi-transport, peer-dependent logging library

mefirst Attach an event listener to run first

megaphone Fast simple event emitter with event proxy support

microee A tiny EventEmitter-like client and server side library

mjpg-emitter throw jpegs into this and emit mjpgs after an amount of time you specify

monologue.js EventEmitter replacement with AMQP-style bindings and other advanced features. Compatible with postal.js's API.

mqemitter An Opinionated Message Queue with an emitter-style API

mqstreams MQ pub/sub as streams - based on mqemitter

mutable Mutable value interface

nanoemitter Tiny event emitter

newsemitter An event emitter that emits only new events.

node-binder Mixin class for managing bindings in Node.js

node-bus An event bus with wildcard matching

node-event-emitter Direct port of node's EventEmitter with no dependencies. Available for CommonJS and browser environments.

nor A lightweight module pattern library providing mixin inheritance, encapsulation, and pub-sub eventing

object-emitter EventEmitter with some useful additional functionality.

object-settings Object settings.

object-state Observe Object states, abstract into events, and react to with Workflows and Activities.

object-validation Validate objects.

oboe Oboe.js reads json, giving you the objects as they are found without waiting for the stream to finish

observable-array Configure observable arrays

observable-map Configure observable map collections

observable-multi-set Configure observable multi set collections

observable-set Configure observable set collections

on-first Attach an EventEmitter listener that emits before all other existing listeners

oncemore Attach a single "once" listener to multiple events

ordered-emitter emit events in order

overshadow-listeners Add an event listener before existing listeners.

pattern-emitter Event emitters with support for regular expressions

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