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actual Determine actual @media breakpoints

ajaj Basic JSON-based AJAX helper

annex DOM insertion module

aok Extensible test suite API.

arbiter Lightweight html5 history pushState library

aspectos Small and simple AOP library

backbone-virtual-collection Use Backbone.Marionette CollectionViews on a subset of a Backbone collection

backbone.middleware Routers are fine, but sometime you need moar.

backbone.partial-fetch Partial fetcher for backbone

backbone.rel Lightweight relationship assistant for your backbone applications

backstretch add a dynamically-resized background image to any page

bean A small, fast, framework-agnostic event manager

blood object inheritance and iteration utilities

bonzo Library agnostic, extensible DOM utility

bowser a browser detector

bowser-bjork24 a browser detector - fixed for mobile testing

bowser-papandreou a browser detector

calender Simple, themable, Datepicker for Ender

campusbooks JavaScript Client for CampusBooks Partner API (v12).

cargo HTML5 web storage module

categorizr Device detection script to categorize devices as desktop, tv, tablet, or mobile.

clearInterval returns `clearInterval` if present

clearTimeout returns `clearTimeout` if present

cmon CommonJS and ender-inspired require/provide with events

crop Crop widget

cssclass A leightweight (0.3kB) extension to the Element prototype to allow checking, adding, removing and toggling classes.

curious Typechecking module.

cxn Network connection module with online/offline events

dagron an HTML5 Drag and Drop library for Ender

Davis Simple, degradable JavaScript routing using HTML5 pushState.

deeply Deeply merges properties of the provided objects, returns untangled copy (clone)

defos if (typeof x !== 'undefined' && x !== null) replacement

delayed A collection of setTimeout-related function wranglers

diaglit Dialog builder by @lit_car, based on twitter bootstrap (unofficial ender port)

diaglit.controls diaglit controls library

dice-roll A basic A/B test library

dime cross-browser module to measure dimensions

director A client Side/Server Side Router

dj remixable JavaScript

docpad-plugin-umd Wrap specified JavaScript documents in the Universal Module Definition (UMD) allowing them to run in AMD, Require.js, CommonJS/Node.js, Ender and Vanilla environments automatically

domready modern domready

dope HTML5 dataset/attributes module.

drag a very small drag library for javascript

dumpling Convert serialized PHP session array into object.

DynWorker Web threading made easy - Ender shortcut

ebay-bean Modified version of Bean which is a small, fast, framework-agnostic event manager

ebay-bonzo Modified version of Bonzo which is a library agnostic, extensible DOM utility

ebay-jeesh An modified Ender jeesh pack that can be embedded in eBay listing page.

ebay-morpheus Modified version of Morpheus which is a brilliant animator

ebay-qwery Modified version of Qwery which is a blazing fast CSS3 query selector engine

elo cross-browser JavaScript events and data module

emile no-thrills stand-alone CSS animation JavaScript framework

emits Simple cross-platform event emitter.

ender Open Module JavaScript Framework

ender-bootstrap Ender version of Twitter's Bootstrap JS (all plugins)

ender-bootstrap-affix Ender port of Twitter's Bootstrap JS (Affix)

ender-bootstrap-alert Ender port of Twitter's Bootstrap JS (Alert)

ender-bootstrap-base Ender version of Twitter's Bootstrap JS (Base)

ender-bootstrap-button Ender port of Twitter's Bootstrap JS (Button)

ender-bootstrap-carousel Ender port of Twitter's Bootstrap JS (Carousel)

ender-bootstrap-collapse Ender port of Twitter's Bootstrap JS (Collapse)

ender-bootstrap-dropdown Ender port of Twitter's Bootstrap JS (Dropdown)

ender-bootstrap-modal Ender port of Twitter's Bootstrap JS (Modal)

ender-bootstrap-popover Ender port of Twitter's Bootstrap JS (Popover)

ender-bootstrap-scrollspy Ender port of Twitter's Bootstrap JS (Scrollspy)

ender-bootstrap-tab Ender port of Twitter's Bootstrap JS (Tab)

ender-bootstrap-tooltip Ender port of Twitter's Bootstrap JS (Tooltip)

ender-bootstrap-transition Ender port of Twitter's Bootstrap JS (Transition)

ender-bootstrap-typeahead Ender port of Twitter's Bootstrap JS (Typeahead)

ender-carousel Simple carousel for Ender

ender-commonjs commonjs module support for ender

ender-core core client library of Ender

ender-ejs Ender-compatible version of visionmedia's EJS client-side build

ender-events An implementation of the node EventEmitter class for client-side use

ender-fittext an Ender plugin for inflating web type

ender-flowplayer Ender version of the JS lib

ender-js no-library library

ender-json Light-weight, language independent, data interchange format

ender-lettering an Ender plugin for radical web typography

ender-modules no-library library

ender-mustache Logic-less templates that work with ender.

ender-overlay Highly customizable overlay for Ender

ender-pm postMessage wrapper

ender-poke An Ender module for handling swipe gestures on mobile devices

ender-remove Monkey-patch bonzo to trigger a remove event when elements are removed from the DOM

ender-swig Ender port of Swig (fast django-like templating engine for node.js and browsers)

ender-tipsy Tipsy for Ender

ender-transition-support A simple feature-detect for Ender to make `$.support.transition` available in browsers.

ender-tween Generic Timing Tweener with Easing support

ender-twitter-bootstrap *Unofficial* jQuery-less Ender port of Twitter's Bootstrap JS - original by @fat & @mdo

ender-wallet see what's inside your ender $

energy Simple cross-platform event emitter.

eol Newline character converter

es5 ES5 support for legacy browsers

es5-basic A basic set of ECMAScript 5 shim methods for older browsers

euh.js A JavaScript console wrapper.

eventhub Message passing in node implemented with EventEmitters

eventify Lightweight module that can be mixed in to any object in order to provide it with custom events. For node.js and the browser. Based on Backbone.Events

events.node Node.JS events module (packaged for Node.JS and Ender.JS)

fajax A tiny ender-wrapper around XMLHttpRequest.

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