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pluginfreecalendar A calendar for the browser that does not require any plugins

pluginfreecalender A calender for the browser that does not require any plugins

postmessage Simple and easy window.postMessage communication

pov lightweight multivariate a/b testing

preposterous Adds ability to automatically fire before (pre) and after (post) events when a method is called

prr A better Object.defineProperty()

qmark A blazing fast query string parser

quarky A tiny DOM utility for ender

qwery blazing fast CSS3 query selector engine

qwery-mobile Mobile query selector engine

qwery-pseudos Pseudo-selector extensions for Qwery

R.js R.js is a simple i18n framework for Javascript, both in browser and in node

radio A small dependency-free publish/subscribe (pub/sub) javascript library

recallme A micro js library to allows you to manage errors by restarting the original function.

require-ender make ender play nice with requirejs

reqwest A wrapper for asynchronous http requests

res Device resolution detection module

route Simple routing library

scan querySelectorAll selector engine

scriptjs Asyncronous JavaScript loader and dependency manager

sel Small, fast CSS4 selector library

setInterval returns `setInterval` if present

setTimeout returns `setTimeout` if present

shimney-moment Shimney package: moment. Parse, manipulate, and display dates.

sHistory An easy-to-use independent hashchange library.

skroller Skroll around

soma A hybrid client/server web framework

sos console API abstraction

storage.js A thin wrapper around localStorage for easier access

strf string formater

submix module integration utility

sugar A Javascript library for working with native objects.

switcher Function to provide a similar syntax to a switch statement but with regex as cases.

then Flexible, composable, monadic futures / promises for javascript

timeless Node and browser library that helps to deal with time in timezone- and/or date- agnostic way

timeout Simple replacement for setTimeout, setInterval, and polling loops

tmpl-js John Resig's orginal templating implementation for ender

tolmey easy mapping tile downloading

toretto A badass DOM utility.

traversty Library agnostic utility for DOM collection management and traversal

underscore-unchained Enhance arrays and other objects with Underscore methods so you don't need to mess with _.chain() and .value() every time you do two Underscore methods in sequence.

underscore.deferred jQuery style Deferreds

upload Asynchronous file uploading using HTML5 file uploading or background iframes

url Node.JS url module

uuid-v4.js random uuid (rfc-4122 v4) generator

ux website user preference API

vague-date A tiny JavaScript library that formats precise time differences as a vague/fuzzy date, e.g. 'yesterday', 'today' or 'next week'.

valentine JavaScript’s Functional Sister. Utilitiy, Iterators, type checking

verge viewport utilities module

vibe jQuery-compatible CSS classes module

webnotify Simple Web Notifications

when A lightweight Promises/A+ and when() implementation, plus other async goodies.

widget Basic DOM widget library for Ender

wings Templating library that works on the server and client closely modeled on Mustache

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