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eio-reconnect Reconnect code for

eiochanges Sync changes to named stores via

eioemitter EventEmitter duplexer for

eiojson Wrapper around to send and receive JSON objects.

eiomethods Remote method exports and invocation with

eiorooms Rooms for servers. Simple reconnect wrapper for Simple rooms wrapper for Read Connect sessions in Nodejs remote procedure call built on top of

oil Makes running with a little slicker

primus Primus is a simple abstraction around real-time frameworks. It allows you to easily switch between different frameworks without any code changes.

primus-emitter Simple emitter wrapper for Primus

primus-multiplex Simple multiplexing for Primus

primus-resource Define resources with auto-binded methods that can be called remotely on top of Primus.

primus-rooms Simple rooms wrapper for Primus Primus.IO makes working with Primus a little slicker.

radar Realtime apps with a high level API based on

radar_client Realtime apps with a high level API based on

reconnect-engine Reconnect an stream when it goes down.

restio REST-like syntax for WebSockets Minimalistic wrapper around and

socketcluster SocketCluster - A Highly parallelized WebSocket server cluster to make the most of multi-core machines/instances.

socketmq Library for building application in ZeroMQ-like messaging semantics end to end. Build upon node.js and Engine.IO

wspoint Create a dublex stream around a websocket

xmpp-ftw-demo XMPP-FTW Demo/Example System

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