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jsonquery-engine level-queryengine plugin to query levelup/leveldb using indexes with the mongodb query syntax (through the jsonquery module)

jsonrules A rule engine with pure json based syntax and function catalog

jst Node JavaScript Template, A pretty high performance template engine

jst_compiler Client and server template engine at JavaScript

jsunify A javascript unifying rule engine similar to prolog

juicer a high-performance lightweight javascript template engine

kiwi Simple, modular, fast and lightweight template engine, based on jQuery templates syntax.

level-namequery An intelligent search engine on top of LevelDB for Name <-> User-ID relations.

level-namequery-lmdb An intelligent search engine on top of LevelDB for Name <-> User-ID relations. [LMDB-branch]

level-queryengine Search levelup/leveldb instances with pluggable query engines and pluggable indexing schemes.

lily A dead simple blog engine

liquid-filters-lite Standard Filters for Liquid template engine

liquid-lite Liquid template engine for browser and node.js

lite-engine A entity-indexed component system framework for game development

ltl Lean Template Language for JavaScript and HTML

ltxb Less-Than XML builder templates for Node.js.

marked-engine Express-compatible Markdown rendering powered by marked.

membrane just another blogging platform

metamanager A meta tags manager for node js and jqtpl

micro-engine Micro template engine

micro-template micro template engine

minstache Mini mustache template engine

muskup Mustache + coffeekup template engine for express 3.x. Support partials and layout

muskup-js Mustache + coffeekup template to js-code compiler

narwhal A general purpose JavaScript library

narwhal-lib A general purpose JavaScript library

node-engine A server Engine using cluster

node-query general sql query interface for hybrid data sources

node-rules Business Rules Engine for JavaScript

noflo-transparency Wrapper around Transparency template engine

nsql multi sql query interface for hybrid data sources

ntpl express template engine

nut The concise CSS selector engine

nversion Simple validation for node version based on process.version, without dependencies.

odin Node.js Canvas/WebGL Javascript Game Framework

ojster Objective JavaScript Templater

omljs Template engine built on top of the Oli language

p2 A JavaScript 2D physics engine.

pachi A nodejs Go Text Protocol wrapper for the pachi Go engine

path-engine level-queryengine plugin to query levelup/leveldb using indexes with a basic javascript array path syntax

pde-engine Basic heat and wave equation solver for node and the browser

ph7 In-Process PHP execution for NodeJS

phoenix A Package Manager for Phoenix Engine

php-template Execute PHP templates under node.js

physics JavaScript Physics Engine for node.js and browsers

piston A route/path storing and parsing engine

pointers Syncs a model/collection with an element. Supports two-way syncs. Respects garbage collection and bottom-up rendering. Reactive.

primo Core engine for PrimoJS

primo-core Core engine for PrimoJS

primus-rooms-adapter In-memory default adapter for primus-rooms-adapter, use as abstract class

promised-ejs Asynchronous embedded JavaScript templates

psykick2d Psykick 2D game engine

pure PURE Unobtrusive Rendering Engine

qejs Asyncronous Embedded JavaScript Templates with Q

query-component Query the DOM with selector engine fallback support

raccoon A Collaborative Filtering Recommendation Engine for Node.js utilizing Redis

raccoon-heroku A Collaborative Filtering Recommendation Engine for Node.js utilizing Redis

reactive Reactive template engine with data bindings

reactive-component Reactive template engine with data bindings

recommend A Recommendation Engine for Node.js

repl A simple fast template libray.

requirejs-micro-template An AMD loader plugin for loading micro templates.

richardparker Simple template engine for two way bindings

robin multi sql query interface for hybrid data sources

routeengine http server route engine

rulezb A Business Rule Engine for rule them all

runit Run runit plugins

runit-npmtest Runit testing module, published in npm

shiro Online quiz game engine, inspired by russian tv show 'What? Where? When?' (Million Dollar Mind Game).

shutter Customizable game engine template for HTML5 MMO Game

simplet Simple Template Engine

simpletpl Simple Template engine for Node.js

slab Slab is a templating engine for JavaScript with a simple syntax and an even simpler API

snapsearch-client-nodejs NodeJS HTTP Client Middleware Libraries for SnapSearch. Search engine optimisation for single page applications.

softmotions-jazz A simple template engine built specifically for nodejs (forked from shinetech/jazz)

sonic workflow engine

splate The simplest possible streaming JavaScript template engine that could possibly work.

springbokejs Springbok Embedded JavaScript templates

spritesmith-engine-test Common test files for all Spritesmith engines

sql-templar A sql template module that takes a template based approach to mysql queries

subindex Generic pluggable indexing system for leveldb/levelup. Designed to be used with the level-queryengine query engine.

tagfinder Tagfinder parses html5 markup for opening tags and their attributes by Harald Rudell

tectonic A simple and efficient game engine for Node and Web Platforms [WIP]

templayed templayed.js (The fastest and smallest Mustache compliant Javascript templating library) for node.js

text_based_adventure_engine text based adventure engine

textile-engine Express-compatible Textile rendering powered by textile-js.

three JavaScript 3D library

tie A simple templating engine that has no special syntax.

tilemap render isometric tile maps in the browser

tipjsp tipJSP(JavaScript Page) is the JavaScript template engine.

tpler Embedded Javascript Template

transparency Transparency is a minimal template engine for browsers. It maps JSON objects to DOM elements with zero configuration.

typo Typo is a scalable template engine designed for cli, which help to format your console output! Typo supports full 256-color ANSI background and foreground, underline, italic, etc.

ua-parser-js Lightweight JavaScript-based user-agent string parser

user-agent-parser Lightweight JavaScript-based user-agent string parser

utml Express compliant templating for underscore.js

velocity A node velocity template engine.

view-engine View resolver and rendering engine for Node.js and the browser

voronoi-map JavaScript port of Amit Patel's mapgen2 Map generator for games. Generates island maps with a focus on mountains, rivers, coastlines.

voxel-player create a skinnable player with physics enabled

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