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array a vocal, functional array

collection_functions Provides typical collection/enumerable functions (think underscore.js) - but it's agnostic about storage and iteration details.

enumerable Enumerable library mimicking the linq api from .NET

enumerable-js Utility functions for all types of collections

enumerable-prop Make a class enumerable with a common-case iterator

fendjs-collection Enumerable data model collections for Fend.js

fromjs Powerful LINQ engine for JavaScript

iterable Lazily evaluated sequence-based iterable objects with deferred querying and aggregation.

ix Library for composing asynchronous and event-based operations in JavaScript

keyed_list A keyed, enumerable list data type.

maddy A functional object operations library.

rename-keys Modify the names of the own enumerable properties (keys) of an object.

underscore.transparent Push Underscore.js and Underscore.string functions to native JavaScript Objects. Yep! You have Sugar JS code styling but with Underscore

yaenumerable Yet Another Enumerable Framework

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