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12factor-config Read the config for your app from only the environment.

abstract-env Abstracts environment settings allowing them to be supplied from the command-line, environment variables, or a file.

app-config Simple utility for Node.js to load configuration files depending on your environment

appfog-env Parses service bindings and configuration information for Node.js apps on AppFog

broccoli-strip-json-comments Strip comments from JSON. Lets you use comments in your JSON files!

bunyan-env Bunyan logger working with ENV vars

canvace The Canvace Visual Development Environment.

cf Environment sensitive configuration file loader for node.js

cli-env Environment variable management

cli-locale Utilities for working with LC environment variables

climatecounts Access API methods

cnfg Hierarchical environment configuration for node.js applications

composite-detect Detect your environment: Node.js, Browser, and CommonJS.

confed Dead Simple Configuration for NodeJS applications based on nconf

config-node Flexible lightweight configuration loader for Node

config-tool Configuration and settings management through JavaScript files or JSON files with comments

configs-overload Load configs with ease

confus environment based configuration helper

crampon Hierarchical configuration, made easy.

debug-flags Easy way to check NODE_DEBUG environment variable for nested tokens

deep-conf node.js configuration libruary

dot-env An environment variable loader

dotenv Loads environment variables from .env

dotenv-node Loads environment variables from .env

eb-env Add config files to your elastic beanstalk project to seed environment information. Use module to get environment info in your app.

en Tiny environment helper

env Environment variable manager

env-config-loader Simple node.js config loader inspired by The Twelve-Factor App

envalid Validation for environment variables

envar Goes as high as environment (including npm config) and as low as command line options to find variable you've requested.

envbang-node Ensure that you have the correct environment variables available.

envcheck Yeoman environment checker

envconf a module for express-style programmatic configuration

envi an nconf wrapper around conf/env.js & env.json

envify Selectively replace Node-style environment variables with plain strings.

envigor Env-var-to-config-object generator

environment Provides node's `process.env` object functionality as stand-alone functions instead of a C++ fake object that does weird things. As an added bonus, if running node with Proxies enabled ("node --harmony") it also exports a function that creates an `Environment` object that is similar to `process.env` but behaves like a real object.

environmentize Utilities for handling differences between environments.

envjs environment module to simulate heroku environment variables on cloud9

envm environment management for nodejs

envoodoo Environment variable loader

envs Track environment variable usage

envy-json Read a javascript object, JSON string, or JSON file and replace values like '$foo' with

evedev tools to build web development environment and an continuous intergration system

feather-config A library useful in bootstrapping feather-like applications with a configuration environment.

FuellSys Fuell library extension of system utilities for node.js

generator-env-config A Yeoman generator for environment specific configuration

generator-kwebapp A HTML/PHP (CakePHP) project generator, following up to date standards and using environment configurations.

get-path Cross-platform means of getting the PATH environment variable name

getenv Get and typecast environment variables.

grunt-config Define specific target configuration.

grunt-devcode Remove code blocks based on environment configuration

grunt-environment Add environment-centric logic to your Grunt builds

grunt-environment-ots OneTwoSee grunt plugin to write an environment file to specified location

grunt-preprocess Preprocess HTML and JavaScript directives based off environment configuration

grunt-preprocess-yeoman Preprocess HTML and JavaScript directives based off environment configuration

grunt-processhtml Process html files at build time to modify them depending on the release environment

grunt-strip-json-comments Strip comments from JSON. Lets you use comments in your JSON files!

grunt-writefile Writes static files using handlebars templates.

gulp-preprocess Gulp plugin to preprocess HTML, JavaScript, and other files base on custom context or environment configuration

gulp-strip-json-comments Strip comments from JSON. Lets you use comments in your JSON files!

habitat Small library for managing environment variables

haz Determines if a program exists in the PATH environment variable. Cross platform, including support for checking likely executable file extensions on Windows. Available in synchronous and asynchronous versions.

homemade C-like JS preprocessor & grunt task

htmlprocessor Process html file using special comments

konf Runtime configuration for node.js apps

konfig Config loader module. Automatic, environment specific and dynamic.

krang braaain

lexical-env Simple API for manipulating lexical environments as found in Lisp, Scheme

load-env Load your environment configuration in a easy way and only one time.

n-app-conf Simple application configuration utility that loads configuration values from a .json-formatted file and allows overrides to be provided via environment variables.

nae-process Process variable for Node App Engine.

nae-sandbox Sandbox Environment for Node App Engine.

nide Beautiful IDE for Node.js

node-derby multi-environment configuration manager

node-env-configuration A node.js module that helps with loading of hierarchical configuration from environment variables as suggested by twelve factor methodology

node-env-fallback NODE_ENV with fallback

noreman package.json-based process manager

osenv Look up environment settings specific to different operating systems

parse-env Parses configuration from env

platform A platform detection library that works on nearly all JavaScript platforms.

preprocess Preprocess directives in HTML, JavaScript, etc directives based off variable context

qconf Painless configuration for Node with defaults file, environment variables, arguments, function parameters.

runtime-context are we in development or production

scopenv environment variables with any number of prefixes

seraphim Configuration loader

sparkjs-launcher Launcher for sparkjs

strip-json-comments Strip comments from JSON. Lets you use comments in your JSON files!

sub A subset of the DOM environment for running Rule.js on the server

superenv a subset of rc that does environment and configuration parsing

tomwebtools web tools environment for preprocessing projects

transfigurify Configure which browserify transforms get applied to your package via an environment variable.

var Use strongly typed environment variables like a boss

vimos Desktop environment based on VIM only

with-env Read and apply .env file if exists in the working directory

xenvar XEnvar allows developers to expand environment variables from strings. Inspired from Python's os.expanduser and os.expandvars.

xtconf Extended QConf module based on environment.

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