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deep-equal node's assert.deepEqual algorithm

deep-equal2 node's assert.deepEqual algorithm with constructor check

deep-is node's assert.deepEqual algorithm except for NaN being equal to NaN

deeper Node.js-specific "deep equality" / structural equality tester.

deepest Extremely thorough structural equality test of questionable usefulness.

egal Strict equality test (like ===) that handles both built-in and custom value objects (those with the valueOf function).

equal-streams Check if streams are eqal

equals Check if two values are deeply equivalent

is-equal Are these two values conceptually equal?

ns-tantamount Is equal utility

object-is ES6-compliant shim for - differentiates between -0 and +0

shallow-equals Determine if an array or object is equivalent with another, *not* recursively

subset Generalized set operations and comparisons in the style of Haskell

tantamount Is equal utility

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