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alinex-error Configurable error handler with source-map support.

always CLI Tool to run a NodeJS Process, Restarting on File Changes & Crashes

api-error Http client and server error types

async-err An easy way to make an error in Node.js async, when it would sync otherwise.

async-helmet Simple exception wrapper for async tasks

async-settle Settle your async functions - when you need to know all your parallel functions are complete (success or failure)

atom-message-panel An easy way to display your messages in Atom

basiclogger node.js Basic Logger

better-expect Assert-style excepetion handling for better errors

binford-err Not so strongly typed error

booker An easy-to-use but powerful node.js command-line logger

boom HTTP-friendly error objects

br-rollbar A standalone (Node.js) client for Rollbar (BR specific)

bubble-stream-error Bubble errors from an array of streams to a master/top stream

bugsnag Bugsnag notifier for node.js scripts

build-error Wrap error messages into a standard javascript error object

build-http-error (Node.js) Build an HTTP error from a status code and / or a message.

callable Callback helper with proper domain error handling

callstack-cleaner Clean the callstack from error messages

cannot Easy and fun error handling, by enforcing human readable messages without compromising machine processing ability.

catcher microscopic Node error helpers

chai-highlight Chai.js plugin to highlight values in error messages Chai generates

clarify Remove nodecore related stack trace noice

cli-error Unified error handling for command line interfaces

client-error Error class for Node servers

clog Colorful console output in NodeJS.

cluster-airbrake Airbrake exception notification for cluster.js

cluster.exception Exception handling for cluster.js

coffee-backtrace Expands coffee files in uncaught exceptions to add context with the compiled Javascript

common-errors Common error classes and utility functions

connect-domain Asynchronous error handler for Connect

connect-domain-fengmk2 Asynchronous error handler for Connect

connect-error Smoothly pass errors through your connect application

connect-error-amazon-ses Middleware to send errors as email through Amazon SES.

connect-error-document Error document handler middleware for Connect server.

connect-error-irc Middleware to send errors to an IRC server.

connect-validation A middleware that provides `addError()` and `sendError()` response methods.

connected Error first callback for listening on the server.

conquer Restarts NodeJS or Coffee (or any other program) on file changes or crashes

context-error Tell users what line really matters in the stack trace.

convention Convert from err, success cbs to a single (err, results) cb, and back.

cool-error A shim module for wrapping error in a more elegant way

coolog Colorful logging in NodeJS.

createerror Helper for creating easily extensible and subclassable JavaScript Error classes.

custom-logger Simple yet highly customizable console logger for node.js. Supports templating output, custom log levels, custom log types, and colored output.

debug-errorpage A pretty debug error page for Express.

demand Form error handling for dietjs

derby-error Add standard error routes to a Derby JS app.

dessert Extensible assertions

dogerr Dogerr ======

domain-capture decorates a function in a domain

domain-http-server A module for attaching domains to request and response objects

domain-middleware uncaughtException middleware for connect, base on `domain` module.

domainit Wrap a function within the confines of a domain using the simple callback form you know and love.

dominion A domain middleware for express apps, capable of handling multiple apps.

ees error enhancement suite

elegant-error this is the elegant error class where you can create a new error by instantiating it, error is useful if you want to return an error response code to the user such as 404 or 500.

emit-error-eh See who's using sockets with no error handlers

emulator A simple server for emulating an API

epitaph errors, in memoriam

er A simple set of custom error classes.

ercb For those who don't like the node (er, result) convention

err1st Custom error object

errati Errati is a flexible errors index for NodeJS

errman Error types/helpers

errno-codes Exposes the errno codes.

erro Simple error message generator

erroneous JavaScript exception-handling for both client side and Node.js scripts

error-agent a simple error handler

error-catcher error catcher,catch exceptions

error-create Abstraction for creating custom JavaScript errors

error-encode Encode an error so it can be JSON serialized without losing information

error-factory Generate valid custom error and exception classes for Node.js.

error-handler A module for gracefully handling server errors.

error-inject inject an error listener into a stream

error-js Tiny Javascript custom error library for both node and browser.

error-mailer Send errors/exceptions directly to developer

error-manager A simple Error type manager for expressjs apps

error-provider Manages errors for third-party modules

error2 More expressive error constructor

errormailer Sending email for each error in your node app was never easier! It supports connect and express.

errors A comprehensive, robust, yet lightweight set of error utilities for node.js enabling you to do errors more effectively.

errortoenglish Translate localized IE JavaScript errors to english

errortoenglish-despegar Translate localized IE JavaScript errors to english

errto Simple error handling helper.

errup Simple error handling helper.

exceptions Syntactic sugar for referencing and throwing common named and custom errors/exceptions

express-common-errors a express error handler express-scaffold built-in

express-crash Crash handling for express.

express-custom-errors Serves custom error views for Expressjs.

express-err Basic error handler for express.

express-error Display source code in express' error stack for JavaScript or CoffeeScript

express-error-handler A graceful error handler for Express applications.

express-error-with-sources Display source code in express' error stack for JavaScript

express-errorstrap Express Error Handling Middleware

express-jslint-reporter Express middleware to render jslint errors.

express-status-guard Guard callback errors by emitting a statusCode and don't bother any longer.

express-throwandtell Express Errow ThrowAndTell(.com) Reporter

express-winston express.js middleware for flatiron/winston

failing-code Returns failing code for given error

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