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allhttperrors A module to create flexible, powerful Error objects based on HTTP responses

apprunner Manage application errors and plugin modules by Harald Rudell

better-stacks Better node.js stacktraces

by-restart A Bystander plugin to restart a server on file changes and runtime errors.

coffee-errors Patches error stack to display correct line numbers. CoffeeScript has built in support for this, but it only works when the script is executed through the `coffee` command. If you are running mocha, node-dev, jasmine or any other method, the functionality isn't on.

common-errors Common error classes and utility functions

cond Restartable error handling system

create-error Simple helper for sub-classing the Error object

createerror Helper for creating easily extensible and subclassable JavaScript Error classes.

demand Form error handling for dietjs

err Simplified Node.js error-handling

errati Errati is a flexible errors index for NodeJS

errno libuv errno details exposed

error-adapter A simple API for generating Error objects. It currently wraps Errs (, but may not in the future.

errorface Shows a styled error page while developing your app.

errortoenglish Translate localized IE JavaScript errors to english

errortoenglish-despegar Translate localized IE JavaScript errors to english

errs Simple error creation and passing utilities

express-common-errors a express error handler express-scaffold built-in

express-error-handler A graceful error handler for Express applications.

firestarter Module to safely and easily start and stop your express app

firestarter-cluster Module to safely and easily start and stop your express app within a cluster

formaterrors API that provides formatting and highlight options for errors and their stack trace

graceful-fs A drop-in replacement for fs, making various improvements.

gulp-eslint A gulp plugin for processing files with eslint

gulp-jsvalidate Validate JavaScript code and report possible syntax errors

httboom httboom =======

http_error better http errors

http-errors A node module that returns a hash of Error classes representing HTTP errors indexed by error code.

httperr HTTP status codes as JavaScript errors.

httperrors Handy JavaScript Error classes representing the standard HTTP errors. Easily extensible and subclassable.

iferr Higher-order functions for easier error handling

jasmine-async-errors Jasmine-oriented domain wrapper to catch those nasty asynchronous errors in your tests

jayschema-error-messages Normalises the crazy error objects that get returned from JaySchema

jslogger JSLogger library

jungles-errors Middleware for dealing with errors. The reason why this isn't an app you can mount is because apps can't catch errors from other apps (bug?). This also should be last in the Express stack so it can catch 404s.

koan-errors Koa.js error handling middleware

master-cluster Facilitate using cluster and domain modules, live reload application in development mode on code change.

modella-friendly-errors Friendly error messages for modella

mongodb-errors Helper classes to deal with mongodb errors

mongoose-plugins-created-by Adds a createdBy field to a schema.

mongoose-plugins-resource-limits Adds a createdBy field to a schema.

mongoose-plugins-timestamp Some error objects prepackaged.

moo-debug errors relating to the benefits of transport by email

node-swallow swallows and rethrows errors in two-args callbacks

oncemore Attach a single "once" listener to multiple events

opbeat A standalone (Node.js) client for Opbeat

pass-error Continuation based error passing

phalanx Express error management made easy.

prettified Prettified error handling for Node.js

qdomain Capture async exceptions to promises using domains

raven A standalone (Node.js) client for Sentry

resource-error error classes relating to resources, aligned with http codes

route-active Checks if a route is active.

safecallback Handle callback errors safely and easily

simple-paginator Helper methods to deal with pagination.

some-errors Some error objects prepackaged.

std-error A small express middleware for standardizing on error handling

tattle Express/Connect middleware for pushing exceptions to the api

tinyerror Easy custom errors in browsers, Node, and Applitude

tryit Module to wrap try-catch for better performance and cleaner API.

underscore-ext Some internal extensions to underscore

validator-errors A wrapper for the validator package that adds an error list

waterline-errors Standard adapter errors from Waterline

weberrors A simple web errors package.

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