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broccoli-eslint broccoli filter that runs eslint

camel_case ESLint rule for enforcing camelCame names but allowing _ in property names

eslint-extjs ESLint rules for projects using the ExtJS framework.

eslint-grunt Validate files with ESLint – a tool for identifying and reporting on patterns in JavaScript, with pluggable rules.

eslint-json JSON formatter (reporter) for ESLint

eslint-path-formatter ESLint formatter with source-map support and absolute paths with row/column on one line.

eslint-stylish Stylish ESLint formatter (reporter)

eslint-tap TAP formatter (reporter) for ESLint

eslint-tester A testing utility for ESLint

generator-linters Yeoman generator generator for JavaScript linters and other code quality tools configurations.

globals Global identifiers from different JavaScript environments

grunt-anylint Validate (set of) files over custom rules

gulp-eslint A gulp plugin for processing files with eslint

mimosa-eslint A ESLint module for Mimosa

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