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ep_autoscrolldown Add a checkbox to auto-scroll down the pad when content is modified in Etherpad-Lite. This module is part of an academic project for courses accessibility from Paris 8 University.

ep_export_less_and_css Export a pad’s content with a CSS mime-type, so that your can use it for live editing a websites CSS. Optionally pass the CSS through the LESS compiler.

ep_footer Add footer to EtherPad Lite by adding `ep_footer:"..."` to settings.json

ep_infopanel Displays an info section in pad settings exposing the software used and the current git revision.

ep_irc Adds an embedded Freenode Web chat client and autojoins to #Etherpad and #Etherpad-Lite-Dev channels

ep_latexexport LaTeX Export for Etherpad Lite

ep_new_pad Etherpad lite plugin to crate a REALLY new pad (database check). Call to use it.

ep_push2delete Displays a button that will allow anyone to fully delete the pad they're viewing.

ep_readability Calculates the Flesch readability index in Etherpad, client based.

ep_redminewiki Redmine Wiki Export for Etherpad Lite

ep_speechinput Speech Input for Etherpad Lite

etherpad-lite-client Wrapper for the Etherpad Lite API

ethersync Push any file to an etherpad and edit it collaborativly. Changes in the pad get refelected in the file instantly.

hive-cli Command line interface dispatch for hive.js

hive-hooks Hook registry for hive.js

hive-services Service management for hive.js

hivejs Collaborating: Snap. Share and edit documents in real-time. Lightweight and modular alternative to shareJS.

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