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ak-eventemitter eventemitter with namespaces

alamid-junction Provides convenient methods for setting and retrieving multiple signals

alamid-list Simple observable arrays

alamid-set Simple observable key-value store

alamid-signal Simple observable signal

amqp-eventemitter EventEmitter over AMQP

async-chains Asynchronous callback chains with support for caolan's async module

async-emit Emits an event on an EventEmitter where the listener may include a callback function

async-eventemitter Just like EventEmitter, but with support for callbacks and interuption of the listener-chain

asyncmachine Multi State Machine for a declarative async logic.

better-emit-stream turn event emitters into streams and streams into event emitters

caress-server caress-server is a NodeJS server that coverts TUIO data to events and emits those events

ccxmleventemitter CurrentCost Base Station XML NodeJS EventEmitter

chained-emitter chained-emitter is a an implementation of the EventEmitter found in Node.js, based on EventEmitter2, but adding the ability to return a promise in an event handler.

co-events Wrapper for EventEmitter for using coroutines.

collectioneventemitter A base class to extend for any class that wants to use both UnderscoreJS array mixins and eventemitter

collectioneventemitter2 A base class to extend for any class that wants to use both UnderscoreJS array mixins and eventemitter2

concert An event library that implements the observer pattern (a.k.a publish/subscribe). Similar to Node's EventEmitter and Backbone.Events, but independent, minimal and light-weight.

coronasdk-slider Turn a display object into a sliding panel

coronasdk-textfield Dressed-up native textfields for the Corona SDK

date-events Emits date and time related events

devents A simple Redis-based distributed event emitter.

drip An EventEmitter alternative for nodejs and the browser that supports namespaces and wildcards.

dropletjs.pubsub DropletJS.PubSub is an advanced JavaScript event library, specifically designed for building highly complex web apps.

eavesdrop Listen in on EventEmitters

ee Event-Driven library.

eemitterport Wrap nodejs eventemitter to work both on node and in browser

emighter A simple async-ok event emitter.

emit-and-callback Extend (prototype) events.EventEmitter with an emitAndCallback function.

emit-logger event logger for EventEmitter

emit-stream turn event emitters into streams and streams into event emitters

emit-then EventEmitter.emit that wraps event calls in a promise

emiter An Event Emitter forked from Backbone.js

emitter-mixin Node's EventEmitter mixin

emitter-proxy EventEmitter add-on to allow objects to easily aggregate one instance of EventEmitter and set up chainable proxy methods for it.

emitter-sniffer hook to the emit function of an event emitter to print all fired events activity

esync Dirt simple solution to async event listeners

event_emitter EventEmitter is a faster version of node's default EventEmitter

event-emitter-grouped Emit events in serial or parallel with support for synchronous and asynchronous listeners

event-hijack Hijacks the specified EventEmitter event

eventbroker Wrapped event emitter to provide levels/namespaces of events

evented-forker Wrapper for child_process.fork and EventEmitter. Features automatic restarts of the child on exit, close, disconnect and error.

eventemitter-light Tiny event emitter

eventemitter-pipe Pipe one EventEmitter into another

eventemitter2 A Node.js event emitter implementation with namespaces, wildcards, TTL and browser support.

eventemitter3 EventEmitter3 focuses on performance while maintaining a Node.js AND browser compatible interface. This the source of the same EventEmitter that is used in Primus.

eventex An slower but more feature rich dropin replace for events.EventEmitter

eventfullife Node.js EventEmitter version of Conway's Game of Life

eventhub Message passing in node implemented with EventEmitters

eventmap Provides a mechanism to register events and call them at a later point in time

eventreactor EventEmitters on a syntax suger rush

events Node's event emitter for all engines.

events-browser Just a copy of the browserify shim

events-component Node's events module in the browser

events-off polyfill

eventyoshi Allows several event emitters to be listened and emitted through a single one.

flexible Easily build flexible, scalable, and distributed, web crawlers.

frozen-on Event emitter sugar for DOM and Node based on dojo/on

fwd Forward one (emitter|stream)'s events to another

hap An extension to the Node.js events.EventEmitter.

happening Distributed network-based event emitter

hitman Fulfilling event contracts for (good?)

intercept-events Intercept (add listeners to) all events from events.EventEmitter.

intervalemitter Run processes at intervals

jqevents jqevents is a node.js event emitter based on jquery events system

lime Distributed event emitter for Node.js

listenable listenable is a super simple event emitter intended for the browser

littlehook A lan-wide EventEmitter2 implementation supporting complete decentralization, auto-discovery and request-response emulation.

lua-events Node style events for Lua

make-emitter event emitter constructor factory

megaphone Fast simple event emitter with event proxy support

microee A tiny EventEmitter-like client and server side library

miniee An EventEmitter-like client and server side library for routing events w/regexps

monologue.js EventEmitter replacement with AMQP-style bindings and other advanced features. Compatible with postal.js's API.

node-event-emitter Direct port of node's EventEmitter with no dependencies. Available for CommonJS and browser environments.

node-evented Extended version EventEmitter

nodeasync nodeasync node async eventemitter, nodeasync async array iterator

nosy_neighbor Listen in on what event emitters are doing

ooo Another async pattern for node, based on EventEmmitter

orderedeventemitter An EventEmitter extension with listener ordering support

pevents A prioritized, promising EventEmitter

phantom-emitter An event emitter between the browser and node side of PhantomJS

prepend-listener add a listener to an EventEmitter *before* existing listeners

primus-emit Emit events over your primus connection.

promised-land Follow the road to the Promised Land with Bluebird while eating some Bacon on the way.

pubit Responsible publish/subscribe. Hide the event publisher, only exposing the event emitter.

pubit-as-promised Responsible publish/subscribe not enhanced with Q promise goodness! Hide the event publisher, only exposing the event emitter.

pubsub.js Vanilla JS Pubsub implementation with wildcards and inheritance

redis-event Distributed pub/sub events based on redis

redis-eventemitter Redis pubsub using an event emitter

redis-pubsub-emitter A redis pubsub client that extends EventEmitter

regexemitter An event emitter which takes regular expressions & strings for event names. Well tested and available in vanilla javascript for the browser or server.

shutup Make an EventEmitter shut up.

simplecrawler Very straigntforward web crawler. Uses EventEmitter. Generates queue statistics and has a basic cache mechanism with extensible backend.

sockemitter EventEmitter over a network

switchboard Event listener for the browser and node.js for composite events (i.e., will not trigger until several specified events occur).

timedqueue a generic object queue with timeout calculated as num_obj_in_the_queue*millisec, emitting flush event when timeout is fired

tiny-eventemitter Tiny and very simple event emitter for Node.js and the browser

walkin Walkin ======

wolfy87-eventemitter Event based JavaScript for the browser

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