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doom Functional DOM processing abstractions through generic functions.

draccus Writes messages from SQS to S3

drip An EventEmitter alternative for nodejs and the browser that supports namespaces and wildcards.

eavesdrop Listen in on EventEmitters

ebay-bean Modified version of Bean which is a small, fast, framework-agnostic event manager

ee Event-Driven library.

effroi UI testing library.

eioemitter EventEmitter duplexer for

elephant-ears Subscribe and trigger events via a namespaced association

elo cross-browser JavaScript events and data module

emi a stupidly tiny event emitter

emighter A simple async-ok event emitter.

emissary Utility mixins for subscribing to and emitting events.

emit-and-callback Extend (prototype) events.EventEmitter with an emitAndCallback function.

emit-clicks Emit events when links are clicked

emit-then EventEmitter.emit that wraps event calls in a promise

emiter An Event Emitter forked from Backbone.js

emits Simple cross-platform event emitter.

emitter-context Same as node Events with support for handler context

emitter-mixin Node's EventEmitter mixin

emitter-queue Queue store for emitter events

emitter-scope-relay EventEmitter with ability to relay events into AngularJS scopes

emitter-sniffer hook to the emit function of an event emitter to print all fired events activity

empty Evented object and array operations with the events library of your choice.

encounter Flexible reliable counting.

ender-events An implementation of the node EventEmitter class for client-side use

energy Simple cross-platform event emitter.

envented Evented node.js server framework

es6-promise A polyfill for ES6-style Promises, tracking rsvp

esync Dirt simple solution to async event listeners

evan Universal events

event-bredele Cross browser event handler component with delegation and filtering engine

event-channel Event handling implementation.

event-component Event binding component

event-emitter Cross-environment event emitter

event-emitter-grouped Emit events in serial or parallel with support for synchronous and asynchronous listeners

event-logger EventLogger can be used for simple logging and audit logging - but also as a timer for test and debugging

event-pubsub Pubsub events for Node and the browser allowing event scoping and multiple scopes. Easy for any developer level. No frills, just high speed pubsub events!

event-within-element Check if an event came from within an element.

eventbrite Eventbrite API Client

eventcast Events over multicast

evented-async Event-driven extensions to the Node.js async library

eventedqueue eventqueue that accepts event handlers that get fired on a certain events. supports the supplementary invocation of event handlers that are bound after the event has been fired

eventemitter-light Tiny event emitter

eventemitter2 A Node.js event emitter implementation with namespaces, wildcards, TTL and browser support.

eventemitter3 EventEmitter3 focuses on performance while maintaining a Node.js AND browser compatible interface. This the source of the same EventEmitter that is used in Primus.

eventemittercollector An implementation of EventEmitter that allows you to collect the listeners' results

eventerface Evented API development framework.

eventflow Flow control for your event emitters

eventfullife Node.js EventEmitter version of Conway's Game of Life

eventhub Message passing in node implemented with EventEmitters

eventify Lightweight module that can be mixed in to any object in order to provide it with custom events. For node.js and the browser. Based on Backbone.Events

eventlistener Super-simple wrapper around addEventListener and attachEvent (old IE). Does not handle different Event-objects.

events Node's event emitter for all engines.

events-binding EventEmitter with amqp style binding for messages

events-browser Just a copy of the browserify shim

events-browserify node.js events module for script or browserify

events-component Node's events module in the browser

events-future Add .future and .wait methods to EventEmitter instances, to integrate with node-fibers

events-off polyfill

events.node Node.JS events module (packaged for Node.JS and Ender.JS)

eventsjs Event supplier library for browser and server

eventtarget W3C JavaScript events for custom objects

eventy An object event injection.

ever dom events with a node-style EventEmitter api

every an event emitter for integer-based millisecond steps

evt Simple event emitter mixer for node and the browser

evtify Event emitter for Node and browsers

ewait WaitForAll and WaitForAny on EventEmitter.

exml An event based XML parsing library using SAX under the hood for speed and efficiency.

express-sse An Express middleware for Server-Sent Events (EventSource)

fauxpas Handle embarrassingly awkward errors

final-events Event Dispatcher with bubbling feature

fingertips A highly configurable touch event library

fix-ev Fix event objects in older IEs

flex-events A powerful, flexible and highly customizable event system for JavaScript. Supports all browsers and Node.js.

flic Easy Inter-process Communication via TCP for node.js

forward-events forward events from one emitter to another

fui Functional User Interaction

game-loop-dispatch A low level game loop that emits events

gevents An extension to node.js events, that adds global events through redis

grunt-capo Grunt plugin for capo

hap An extension to the Node.js events.EventEmitter.

heya-async Asynchronous utilities: promises, deferreds.

heya-events Events.

hitman Fulfilling event contracts for (good?)

http-events A straight-forward module which exposes the services of an event emitter over HTTP

hubot-github-repo-event-notifier Notifies about any available GitHub repo event via webhook

hubot-github-repo-webhook-notifier Notifies about any GitHub repo event available via webhook

hubot-memory A temporary memory for hubot

hydrajs-sandbox-plugin Hydra.js plugin to continue using the old sandbox system to manage events in new releases.

ibrick.js Simple bootstrap for hook based

increment-fire A simple way of keeping track of asynchronous events.

interact-js A small interaction event unifiying library

intercept-events Intercept (add listeners to) all events from events.EventEmitter.

intervalemitter Run processes at intervals

ipevents Inter-process EventEmitter over process.send and TCP/IP or UNIX Domain Sockets

irc-connect Minimal IRC connection that simply emits event objects. Plugin modules can do the rest.

isg-events Synchronous and asynchronous cross-platform library for organizing events.

isg-types Free typification built on isg-events module.

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