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alinex-error Configurable error handler with source-map support.

ansinception Colorful exception handler for Node.js with CoffeeScript support and improved nodemon/supervisor compatibility

api-error Http client and server error types

async-helmet Simple exception wrapper for async tasks

better-expect Assert-style excepetion handling for better errors

br-rollbar A standalone (Node.js) client for Rollbar (BR specific)

breakable Break out of functions, recursive or not, in a more composable way than by using exceptions explicitly. Non-local return.

bugsnag Bugsnag notifier for node.js scripts

callable Callback helper with proper domain error handling

catcher-in-the-try Catch Javascript errors in the browser. All of them. With real stack traces!

cluster-airbrake Airbrake exception notification for cluster.js

cluster.exception Exception handling for cluster.js

coastline A desperate attempt at a proper stack in JavaScript

control-block Block-based control flow with error handling

crafity-core Crafity Core Framework

death Gracefully cleanup when termination signals are sent to your process.

dessert Extensible assertions

diehard Gracefully clean up your program at termination with multiple sync and/or async handlers. Wraps the `death` npm module.

dominion A domain middleware for express apps, capable of handling multiple apps.

emit-error-eh See who's using sockets with no error handlers

endgame A tiny module for ensuring uncaught exceptions are handled in Node.js

er A simple set of custom error classes.

errman Error types/helpers

erroneous JavaScript exception-handling for both client side and Node.js scripts

error-create Abstraction for creating custom JavaScript errors

error-factory Generate valid custom error and exception classes for Node.js.

error-mailer Send errors/exceptions directly to developer

errormailer Sending email for each error in your node app was never easier! It supports connect and express.

exceptionmessagebeautifier Contains a helper that can be used to format exception messages.

exceptions Syntactic sugar for referencing and throwing common named and custom errors/exceptions

filelog yet another file logger, with level control.

flaw Lightweight and simple error creation in JavaScript.

grace Graceful application with domains, cluster, error handling and Express support

hacktrace Hack in your own backtraces

nerr Properly constructed base class for error objects

nested-error An Error class useful for wrapping an exception to get a better stack trace associated with it

node-custom-errors Creating custom exception classes

perror Smart named error objects with HTTP compatibility

poop Plugin for taking a process dump on uncaught exception

pretty-error See nodejs errors with less clutter

ratchetio A standalone (Node.js) client for

rescue Catch and propagate errors in user provided callback.

rollbar A standalone (Node.js) client for Rollbar

ruhroh helper lib to create the Error classes for restify-based API services

simple-error Node.js module that lets you define and use errors consistently across your APIs and apps. Simple. HTTP friendly.

sjsclass sjsClass - Simple JavaScript Class - Inheritance

stackedy Roll your own stack traces and control program execution through AST manipulation

stackinfo Gets an object containing normalized stacktrace information across browsers.

stepup A simple control-flow library for Node that makes parallel execution, serial execution, and error handling painless.

tattle Express/Connect middleware for pushing exceptions to the api

tracrr Watches and logs V8 events using the internal programmatic debugger

trycatch An asynchronous domain-based exception handler with long stack traces for node.js

util4js The util4js library contains JavaScript utilities.

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