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beep A BEEP protocol implementation for node.js

bitcoin-exchange-rates Convert any Bitcoin amount to your preferred currency.

bitfinex node.js wrapper for bitfinex cryptocurrency exchange

btcchina BTCchina REST API wrapper

bter simple bter client

currency simple currency conversion in the terminal

dh-browserify JavaScript DiffieHellman implementation designed for the browser and browserify

dolar-blue dolar-blue ==========

exchange-rates NB: this module is deprecated and replaced by the new 'open-exchange-rates' module, available at

exchanger Query Exchange Web Services

fake-rates Generates fake FX rates for real currency pairs

mercado-bitcoin Client for MercadoBitcoin API

mercadobitcoin Mercado Bitcoin API client

money JavaScript currency conversion library.

open-exchange-rates nodeJS/npm wrapper for the Open Exchange Rates API

openex client API module for nodejs

openex-promises client API module for nodejs

passport-azure-oauth Azure OAuth2 strategy für Passport and node.js

poloniex.js Poloniex API client

rackspace-ews-auth Tiny authentication provider for checking login credentials against Rackspace hosted exchange accounts

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