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ambi Execute a function ambidextrously (normalizes the differences between synchronous and asynchronous functions). Useful for treating synchronous functions as asynchronous functions (like supporting both synchronous and asynchronous event definitions automatically).

ares A simple wrapper around childProcess.exec that helps keep process launching code clean

atropa-cmd Utilities for executing commandlines.

autofile-run Run command just like it was run from the command line.

bin-path Get paths to module executables

brood A container for spawn, provides the ability to manage and communicate with spawned child_processes

changer Change the contents of files according to rules

child_process_with_argv0 Versions of execFile and spawn which allow you to supply an argv[0] other than the executed filename

child-proc An extension to the child_process module that fixes problems like windows commands.

child-process-close Make child_process objects emit 'close' events in node v0.6 like they do in v0.8. This makes it easier to write code that works correctly on both version of node.

cli-juggle watch files and execute command on change

code-proxy A debug tool to proxy js code execution from one browser to another.

condexec Conditionally shell out an exec

emptyc emptyd client for running a single command on multiple hosts in a shmux-like manner

exec Call a child process with the ease of exec and safety of spawn

exec-batch Batch execution of shell commands

exec-queue Safely run exec in a loop.

exec-stream stream to a child process

exec-sync Execute shell command synchronously. Use this for migration scripts, cli programs, but not for regular server code. Quick example of using Process.exec

execify A module for shimmimg between execution modes: streams, promises, and callbacks

execly Streaming process executor, local and remote

execspawn spawn stream for child_process.exec

execsync-ng Synchronous exec when you NEED it. Based on execSync with added Windows support.

executable Check if a file is executable

executioner Wrappers around execSync, a package for synchronous execution of shell commands.

executive Elegant command execution.

exeq Execute shell commands synchronously.

exequte Nodejs function to execute child process in promise style

fedtools-commands Execute shell commands within nodejs

fedtools-utilities Set of utilites for fedtools within nodejs

flightplan Library for streamlining application deployment or systems administration tasks

grunt-bg-shell Better shell commands for grunt. Background/parallel run

grunt-execute Execute code in node

grunt-run Invite external commands into your grunt process with three tasks `run`, `wait` and `stop`.

grunt-shell Run shell commands

grunt-shell-spawn Grunt task to run shell commands

grunt-spawn A process launcher that does what it says on the tin

grunt-ssh SSH and SFTP tasks for Grunt

gulp-spawn spawn plugin for gulp

gulp-spawn-shim Thin wrapper (shim) of Node.js's child_process.spawn() with respect to gulp (vinyl file streams) by binding to stdin, stdout, and stderr.

gulp-ssh SSH and SFTP tasks for gulp

hipchat-exec A HipChat Bot. Watches for commands in a HipChat room, then executes the appropriate shell script.

http-monitor Monitor an http application, and invoke if the server status changes. Both a module and a commandline tool.

is-running Test if a process with a given pid is running

kexec Replace your Node.js process with another process. Like Ruby exec.

kompressor Process an html page and kompress and consolidate css/js assets into a single file

language-command Look up the command for executing a program in any language.

language-detect-exec Automatically execute a file in a known programming language.

language-exec Execute a file in any programming language.

listen-spawn Start a HTTP server which runs commands when pinged.

node-debug-hack Wrap function creation during debug to force a diffrent port.

orphanage child process forking that has no parental ties

pierrepoint Execute a list of CLI commands in order without having to manage manually

rdir runs a directory

remote-exec Execute shell commands on one or more remote computers via SSH

rolling_timeout_exec Wrapper around child_process.exec that provides a rolling timeout based on stdout/stderr activity.

safeps Work with processes safely and easily with Node.js

shellscript Use shell commands directly from nodejs to make synchronous shell scripts.

spawn-async spawn child processes asynchronously

ssh-bat bat bat

ssh2 An SSH2 client module written in pure JavaScript for node.js

ssh2-connect Callback-based api behind ssh2 to open an SSH connection

ssh2-exec Transparent use of `child_process.exec` and `ssh2.prototype.exec`

ssh2-multiplexer Node.js ssh2 exec multiplexer.

ssh2pp An SSH2 client module written in pure JavaScript for node.js and httpp

superexec Transparent use of `child_process.exec` and `ssh2.prototype.exec`

sweet-exec Syntax extension for shell command execution without boilerplate

sync-exec Synchronous exec with status code support. Requires no external dependencies, no need for node-gyp compilations etc.

thelinuxlich-flightplan Library for streamlining application deployment or systems administration tasks Exec transport for

zergling auto-queue for child_process brood

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