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child-process-close Make child_process objects emit 'close' events in node v0.6 like they do in v0.8. This makes it easier to write code that works correctly on both version of node.

cl Easily create command line programs and interfaces in Node.js.

cli-error Unified error handling for command line interfaces

comandante spawn() that returns a duplex stream and emits errors with stderr data on non-zero exit codes

cursor-back Ensures that you get your cursor back when a program that hides it ends, no matter how.

esc-exit Exit the process when the `esc` key is pressed

exit A replacement for process.exit that ensures stdio are fully drained before exiting.

gracefully Gracefully handle Ctrl+C and SIGTERM

grunt-exit Calls process.exit so things exit properly, i.e. code-coverge, even on Windows. Super simple task!

grunt-fail Stop grunt execution with an error message and exit code of choice.

grunt-image-profile A Grunt task for working with image metadata profiles via ImageMagick

gulp-exit Terminates gulp task.

loggify wraps functions, constructors and util object style collections of functions in entrance and exit logs using a logger provided by the consumer

noexit Makes `process.exit` a deprecated no-op.

process-done Convenient done handler that exits a process properly. Use with worker processes like for @

shutdown-handler Gives the ability to execute code upon closing a Node.js application.

sysexits Provide standard sysexits(3) exit codes.

timers-ref `setTimeout` and `setInterval` with `unref` and `ref` like in node.js

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