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configfiles Get files from a configuration using globule.

elongate Expand shortened urls.

expand Expand lodash templates into objects.

expand-hash Recursively expands hash keys into objects.

expand-home-dir Expand ~/

expando expand/collapse html elements

fs-sync synchronous fs with more fun

glob-expand A sync glob / minimatch / RegExp call with a gruntjs -like `expand` of patterns, with minimum depepndencies. Derived from gruntjs's v0.4.1 `file.expand`

glob-utils Utilities for file globbing and Grunt.js projects.

globule An easy-to-use wildcard globbing library.

grunt-expand-include Grunt Task for Expanding Include Directives

grunt-expand-include-with-subs Grunt Task for Expanding Include Directives

gulp-expand-template-url Expand the template url of your angular templates

gulp-expand-url Expands a url inside a file using the file relative path.

more-component Expand and collapse lists

multimatch Adds multiple patterns support to minimatch.match()

normalize-config Normalize options, files objects, arrays and src-dest mappings into an object of tasks and targets.

object-mappr Map, alias, and flatten object values to other object values.

plasma Build a context object to pass to templates. Plasma can load data from a flexible range of configuration and file formats, including JSON/YAML data files defined with minimatch/glob patterns.

setp Set an object value pointed by a dotted string

textarea-autosize Vertically adjust a textarea based on user input without needing a clone or ghost element.

treeize Converts tabular row data (as from SQL joins, flat JSON, etc) to deep object graphs based on simple column naming conventions - without the use of an ORM or models.

untildify Convert a tilde path to an absolute path: ~/dev => /Users/sindresorhus/dev

urlexpand Expand the shorten url, handle all the 30x http redirect and get the original url.

utils-glob Mid-level file globbing utilities for Grunt.js and node.js projects.

value-mapper Lookup values from a dictionary with aliasing, mapping, and flattenining.

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