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args-expect An tiny tool to make sure all arguments are as expected.

assume Expect-like assertions that works seamlessly in node and browsers

css-tester chained testing with expect and jquery

expect Write better assertions

expect-almost Extension to expect.js according to

expect-change change assertion extension for expect.js.

expect-in Declare expected entries in a JSON object

expectacle A simple, sanely-syntaxed expectation library.

expectations jasmine-style 'expect' calls for mocha and other test frameworks

gulp-expect-file Expect files in pipes for gulp.js

iced-expect An expect system for scripting interactive shell programs

karma-expect Expect.js adapter for Karma

karma-jquery-expect Framework for [jquery-expect]( A DOM assertion library built on top of jQuery and based on LearnBoost's expect.js

karma-sinon-expect karma-sinon-expect ================

moodswing Node.js testing framework for that time of the software development cycle.

node-expect Library of IP functions for IP address manipulation

node-stream-responder Interact programmatically with duplex streams. Similar to Unix's expect.

NodeSSH SSH Client for NodeJS

sinon-expect Expect matchers for sinon

stream-expect Interact with streams using expect

suppose Automate command line programs. Like UNIX expect.

transform-expected Conditionally apply a stream transform or pass-through any objects that do not meet our expectations.

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