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404project Report 404 errors to

ability A simple route-based ACL component for expressjs.

access-logger Extensive access logger middleware

action-controller basic rails-like controller

actionrouter RESTful MVC router that dispatches to a controller and action.

activator simple user activation and password reset for nodejs

active-menu Facilitates the creation of menus in Node applications.

adaro An express renderer for DustJs Templates

addepar-connect-less Forked from connect-less and updated LESS version dependency

adrotator-node Simple nodejs ad rotator

advanced-express-web-application-development This module contains the source code for Advanced Express Web Application Development.

ajaxs Express middleware that will simplify ajax calls, based on zerver.

ajgenesisnode-express AjGenesis for Node, Express tasks and templates

am-bucker super easy logging module

americano Wrapper for Express that makes its configuration clean and easy.

amigo AngularJS MongoDB Express NodeJS project generator

angular-resource AngularJS $resource bindings for express.

angular-server Express WebServer for Angular applications

anvil.http *OBSOLETE* Http host for anvil.js

anvil.scaffold.backboneonexpress Scaffold for Backbone-On-Express plugins

aonx very opinionated application framework

ap3 Atlassian Plugins 3 library for Express

ap3-cli A CLI for Atlassian Plugins 3

api-error Http client and server error types

api-fixture-proxy API proxy that serves fixtures from a directory.

api-routes A declarative system for creating express API routes.

apicache An ultra-simplified API/JSON response caching middleware for Express/Node using plain-english durations.

apiman Generic API methods manager

apimocker Simple HTTP server that returns mock service API responses to your front end.

apis-expressionist Expresionist.wrapper(express).for(['Write', 'Document', 'Generate client']).of('REST APIs')

apisend A library to enhance express' res.send for APIs

apitizer quick and simple web api generator

apostrophe Apostrophe is a user-friendly content management system. This core module of Apostrophe provides rich content editing and essential facilities to integrate Apostrophe into your Express project. Apostrophe also includes simple facilities for storing your r

app-router Routing for expressjs

appcache-node appcache-node =============

appup CLI to launch apps that use an express main server and an optional restif api server.

apx A scalable, extensible, modular API Server Express HTTP Server, and Socket.IO translator for APX API server

areas Areas - express routing for large projects

arrest REST framework for Node.js, Express and MongoDB

arrest-couchbase REST framework for Node.js, Express and CouchBase

arrest-jwt-bucket REST framework for Node.js, Express and MongoDB

arsenic-mysql-session-store A MySQL Session store for connect/express

artery Express-like API to create scalable and maintainable applications in your browser

ashleshajs AshleshaJS is a framework to build high performance and maintainable single page web applications. It uses ExpressJS and YUI3 as foundation. It is tightly coupled with Twitter Bootstrap for the CSS framework but you can use any other framework as well.

aspa-express Simple, lightweight, dependency-free Connect module for using web assets packaged by aspa.

asset-pipeline Runtime assets builder for Express 3

assetgraph-middleware Express middleware for optimizing and manipulating HTML pages and their related assets while serving them

assetly Helpers for working with static files in express projects.

asseturls Manage cachebusting asset URLs in node

atlas-connect CLI for the atlassian-connect-express library (helpers for building Atlassian Add-ons on top of Express)

atlassian-connect-express Library for building Atlassian Add-ons on top of Express

atlassian-connect-express-hipchat HipChat compatibility layer for atlassian-connect-express (ACE)

atlassian-connect-express-redis Redis adapter for Atlassian Connect Express

atpl A complete and fast template engine fully compatible with twig and similar to jinja with zero dependencies.

authenticate Access token authentication middleware for Express, NodeJS

authorizator Node module for user authorization

authorized Action based authorization middleware.

auto Asynchronous task runner for Node.js

auto-crud A simple tool for automatically generating REST APIs with json schemas and mongodb.

autostatic Automatically serve static files, with version control (etag support), compression and CDN support. This makes it possible to skip all the annoying packaging process when deploying your application.

baucis Build scalable REST APIs using the open source tools and standards you already know.

baucis-example An example server that uses baucis to create a REST API

bemrender express.js view render based on BEM methodology

blackmonkey A simple chat framework built on

blocklog A simple and adaptable stream-based logging lib for node.js

bmrest REST framework over express

bmrest-docker Automatic documentation creation for the Bmrest library

bones-boiler Test playground bones features and setups!

booster Booster is the ***fastest*** way to get a full-fledged REST service up and running in [nodejs](!

bootable Easy application initialization for Node.js.

bootstrap Bootstrap your node app with some great defaults

bootstrap-express-messages Express flash notification message rendering for Twitter Bootstrap

bootstrap-helpers View helpers for using Twitter Bootstrap components and general markup

booty-cache Dead sexy URL caching utility for Express/Connect

bottle-sample A simple random-messaging app

brest REST framework over express

brest-docker Automatic documentation creation for the Brest library

brisk Automation for Express.js

brisk-simpledb SimpleDB extension for Brisk

browser-check Check if client browser matches rules defined with semver syntax

browserchannel-middleware Google closure's browserchannel server implementation

browserify-express browserify v2 middleware for express

browserify-middleware express middleware for browserify v2

browserifymagic more magical browserify middleware.

bucker super easy logging module

bullet A simple lightweight MVC with express

bumm Opinionated project generator for node.js relying on express and mongoose

bunyan-pilgrim A REST-oriented logger for Bunyan

cacheable-middleware Middleware component to set cache headers on responses from an Express or Connect server

cacher A memcached backed http cache in the form of express middleware

canned-responses connect middleware that returns pre-configured responses

cansecurity cansecurity is your all-in-one security library for user authentication, authorization and management in node expressjs apps

cartjs A simple shopping cart node module

catberry Catberry is a framework for fast and modular web-applications. Write module once and use it at server and browser without any additional logic

catberry-example Example application for catberry framework

catberry-localization Localization module for catberry framework

cell [WIP] PN:OI Single Artificial Brain Cell

cews Crud Express Web Server that has a bunch of dependencies set up already

cgi-gin Connect middleware for a folder of javascript modules

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