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cgi-gin Connect middleware for a folder of javascript modules

chai-connect-middleware Helpers for testing Connect middleware with the Chai assertion library.

charlotte A framework for building mobile web apps using Express and PhoneGap

chi dependency injected routing with express

chino Jade based views that render server and client side

chopjs #Work with the modules ##i18n

chromelogger Log and inspect your server-side code in the Chrome console using Chrome Logger

client-certificate-auth middleware for Node.js implementing client SSL certificate authentication/authorization

cloudq Cloud Message Queue Server (using CouchDb) NewRelic enabled

cls-middleware Connect & Restify middleware to bind routes to continuation-local storage

cluster-live Realtime administration and statistics for cluster

cluster-log Cluster logging plugin

cluster-manager Manage cluster applications with email alerting on crash of worker

cman Component framework and manager

co-assets-compiler Assets compiler for CompoundJS

co-express An express wrapper that enables generators to be used as middlewares

code-templates simple code template or snippets manager written in node.js

coffee-box blog engine for fashionable developers

coffee-middle A connect middleware for compiling coffeescript.

coffee-middleware coffee-script middleware for connect.

coffee-views An OOP extension to coffee-templates

coffeemiddle coffee-middleware like less-middleware

coke A full stack MVC framework that speeds up your web development.

colibri Colibri makes it easy to create REST resources serving MongoDB collections

compile-middleware Generic Express.js/Connect middleware handling runtime compilization tasks

compile-mw-jade-runtime Jade runtime script middleware built on compile-middleware

compile-mw-less Jade runtime script middleware built on compile-middleware

compile-mw-marked Markdown middleware built on compile-middleware and marked

compound CompoundJS - MVC framework for NodeJS

compound_fix CompoundJS - MVC framework for NodeJS

compoundjs RailwayJS - Ruby-on-Rails inspired MVC web framework, fully ExpressJS compatible

connect-acceptoverride Override `Accept` header if URL ends with .json or .xml

connect-acl Simple roles and permissions-based ACL for Connect and Express

connect-akiban Connect session store for Akiban

connect-backbone-router Creates routes for interacting with Backbone from Connect/Express

connect-badass-messages Flash message Connect middleware + Express view helpers.

connect-baddies A [Connect]( middleware for filtering suspicious HTTP requests based on 422 request user-agent and url rules.

connect-bitcoin wire up connect/express applications with bitcoin support.

connect-bluesky Windows Azure session store for connect/express backed by the bluesky API

connect-browser-sync Connect middleware for BrowserSync.

connect-browserify Connect/express middleware for serving apps to a browser with browserify

connect-cache-control Connect middleware to prevent the browser from caching the response.

connect-cache-manifest Express/connect middleware to generate HTML5 cache manifest file

connect-callback A middleware for Connect and Express that allows sending data to a response stream using the callback API

connect-caminte CrossDB session store for Connect and ExpressJS

connect-cassandra-cql Session store for connect using Cassandra CQL3 binary protocol

connect-categorizr Connect middleware for device detection based on Categorizr

connect-chain Connect-Chain composes a connect middleware from a chain of middlewares to be called in series.

connect-clientinfa Connect/Express Middleware for additional client information

connect-coffee-script Simple connect middleware to serve CoffeeScript files

connect-composite composite multi middlewares into one

connect-cradle Cradle (CouchDB) session store for Connect

connect-csrf-cookie Sets a cookie containing the CSRF token. Useful for Single page apps.

connect-csrf-lite CSRF validation middleware for Connect/Express

connect-dojo Connect middleware exposing the Dojo Toolkit

connect-domains Parse into a heiarchy of domains and sub-domains populating the '' object.

connect-dynamic-middleware Change middleware on the fly in your connect/express applications

connect-ensure-login Login session ensuring middleware for Connect.

connect-error Smoothly pass errors through your connect application

connect-error-amazon-ses Middleware to send errors as email through Amazon SES.

connect-error-document Error document handler middleware for Connect server.

connect-error-irc Middleware to send errors to an IRC server.

connect-expires expires middlewae for connect(express)

connect-fineup-local Connect middleware and express routes for saving fineuploader uploads to the local filesystem.

connect-fineup-s3 Connect middleware and express routes for saving fineuploader uploads to s3.

connect-flake Connect middleware to assign a Flake ID to every request.

connect-flash Flash message middleware for Connect.

connect-flash-redis Flash message middleware for Connect w/ Redis

connect-fuse Connect middleware for the fuse library.

connect-handlebars Connect middleware for Handlebars

connect-header General header middleware for Connect.

connect-hem Connect middleware hem

connect-heroku-memcached A connect session store that implements the memcached binary protocol for use with heroku and others

connect-heroku-redis A heroku Redis session store wrapper for connect-redis.

connect-image-optimus Middleware for optimal image serving. Switches to webp/jpegxr if possible

connect-image-proxy Middleware for proxying and manipulating images.

connect-ironcache IronCache session store for Connect

connect-jade-html Simple connect middleware to serve Jade files as HTML

connect-jade-static Connect (expressjs) middleware for serving html files from jade template

connect-jugglingdb JugglingDB session store for Connect

connect-jwks JSON Web Key Set (JWK Set) middleware for Connect.

connect-leg leg logging for connect applications

connect-less A simple `less` middleware for Connect

connect-lesscss Connect middleware for LESS CSS

connect-loggly loggly logging middleware for connect

connect-lrdd Link-based Resource Descriptor Document (LRDD) middleware for Connect.

connect-ltsv-logger ltsv formated access logger for connect based application

connect-memcache Connect session with memcached

connect-method-override-get Like Connect's methodOverride, except it supports GET requests also. 100% Express.js comaptible

connect-moment-i18n Creates a localized moment instance for connect/express

connect-mongo MongoDB session store for Connect

connect-mongo-rs MongoDB session store for Connect, with replica set support

connect-mongo-session-store An implementation of connect session store with MongoDB. It also support passport authentication automatically.

connect-mongo-store Connect session mongodb middlware store.

connect-mongolotion MongoDB session store for Connect (SLIPPERIER NOW)

connect-mongoose-model A MongoDb session store which integrates with Mongoose models.

connect-mongoose-session-store An implementation of connect session store with MongoDB and Mongoose ORM. It also support passport authentication automatically.

connect-mongostore MongoDB session store for Connect

connect-multi-redis Manages multiple redis hosts for sessions

connect-nedb-session Nedb-backed session store for Connect/Express session middleware

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