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agenda-express agenda express plugin

ajs-express ExpressJS Middleware for AjaxSnapshots

autoroute Autorouter for express

coffee4clients Extends Express.js such that when a .coffee file is accessed through an express server the response is the compiled javascript instead of the source coffeescript

connect-fuse Connect middleware for the fuse library.

connect-intercept ConnectJS middleware over http-intercept.

connect-jade-static Connect (expressjs) middleware for serving html files from jade template

connect-masquerade ERROR: No file found!

error-manager A simple Error type manager for expressjs apps

express-custom-errors Serves custom error views for Expressjs.

express-enrouten An express route initialization and configuration module.

express-eventsource Server-sent events middleware for expressjs

express-force-login ExpressJS middleware to force a user to login.

express-injector expressjs middleware for injecting some code in result

express-meta-tags ExpressJS Middleware uses redis to store/manage meta data for site pages

express-rollback An auto-rollback of express server

express-route-loader Loads expressjs routes from a specified folder

express-route-printer Print a neat, colorized listing of registered ExpressJS routes

express-routescan Automatic file scanner for Express JS router.

express-throwandtell Express Errow ThrowAndTell(.com) Reporter

express-xml-domparser Express middleware to read in the body of an XML http request into a DOM

fineuploader-express-middleware Express middleware for fineuploader (aka valums file uploader)

generator-expressed Awesome generator for ExpressJs

generator-meanstack The MEAN stack generator for Yeoman.

generator-sili Yeoman generator - Silver Lining (SiLi) - A single-click-to-get-started - skeleton web app with all you need...

hbs-precompiler manages handlebars templates for web sites that serve pages via ExpressJS

hoffman view engine for dust

jackal A JavaScript manager and build tool for NodeJS & ExpressJS Instant Expressjs Analytics

laguna Laguna Generator

less4clients Express.js extension to render LessCSS (.less) files server-side :)

mvc mvc wrapper for express like Zend framework on php

ngseo expressjs middleware to enable server-side rendering of angularjs app when requested by a search bot

node-resources A helper to register routes from modules on restify and ExpressJS. Improves separation of concerns and propose a different code organization on your application.

node-rpc Simple ExpresJS middleware for RPC over Http.

owinjs-razor An OWIN/JS and javascript implementation of the Razor view template engine

owinjs-router A lean and mean routing middleware for Node.JS using Owin/JS framework

passport-expresshelper dynamicHelpers for expressjs 2.x

req-requires Validate properties in expressjs requests

resource-routing Building simple, easy restful routes for nodejs & expressjs, with a viewable routing table

restdb Simple filesystem based RESTful database api middleware

route-loader Simple route loader for express. Enables you to list your routes on a json file instead of adding code to your main application file for each new route.

rrestjs HIgh performance node.js ROA & RESTFUL web framework.

slack Middleware for lazy sending of HTTP responses.

socket-twitchat IRC-like chatroom + Twitter live-stream

sprouter Simple dynamic routing for expressjs

spurious A super-lightweight mock web service generator.

sql-injection This express module detects sql injection attacks and stops them with 403 http status code.

staticify A better static asset handler for node.js

teqlabs-testify Test API routes and store cookies using npm request.

terraform-connect terraform asset pipeline as connect middleware

versioner Versions images, less, css, js for your website

wants wants nodejs framework core module

who-are-you A connect middleware to provide private-public key authentication.

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