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array-model Extension of native Array object to make it a collection model

arrayext.js Javascript Library to Extend Javascript's array functionalities

augment The world's smallest and fastest classical JavaScript inheritance pattern.

auxilio-backend The server responding on auxilio chrome extension

basalt A native BSON parser addon for Node.

brisk-account Account management for Brisk

brisk-client Managing client-side assets for Brisk

c9ext Extension generator for Cloud9 IDE

catalyst Extensible modular REST framework.

cha-target Target extension for cha.

cha-watch Watch extension for cha.

chrome-ext-downloader Allows you to easily download a Chrome extension's source code.

chrome-extension-manifest-schema JSON Schema for validating Chrome extension manifest.json

chrome-i18n Chrome extension's locales builder.

chromix Chromix is a command-line and scripting utility for controlling Google chrome. It can be used, amongst other things, to create, switch, focus, reload and remove tabs.

code-mirror-tridion An SDL Tridion 2011/2013 extension that adds Syntax Highlighting to the source tab using CodeMirror. Note this package does not contain a Node module.

connect-ext-type Allow specifying the `Accept`ed content type as the file extension

core_ext JavaScript prototype extensions.

crx-patterns check URLs against Chrome Extension patterns

csxs A build tool for Adobe® Creative Suite® and Creative Cloud® extensions. Create, compile, debug, package, and deploy to S3 with ease!

dj remixable JavaScript

dundee Attach functions to prototypes with their names prefixed by _

dynamic-dedupe Dedupes node modules as they are being required which works even when dependencies are linked via ln -s or npm link.

encext require.extensions handler for requiring encrypted files (e.g. .js, .json)

express-negotiator Express/connect middleware that does HTTP content negotiation for static files

ext2type extension to content type of http

extensible Create highly extensible software components.

extension Framework for selectively extending JavaScript objects.

extsync ExtSync is a cross-browser extension development framework that using web technologies: HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

file-mime Basic MIME type mapping module.

find-remove recursively finds files and/or directories by filter options from a start directory onwards and deletes these according to plenty of options you can configure. useful if you want to clean up stuff within a directory in your node.js app.

firefox-pinboard Pinboard extension for Firefox

fs-extension get file extension

generator-chrome-extension Yeoman generator for Chrome Extensions

generator-salsa AngularJS salsa for web/mobile apps and browser extensions.

gl-vao Vertex array object wrapper/shim for WebGL

grunt-cep A Grunt plugin that helps debugging and packaging HTML5-based extensions for Adobe Creative Cloud applications.

grunt-crx Package your Chrome Extensions in a bliss.

grunt-verifylowercase Verifies that files have lowercase extensions.

gulp-ext-replace Small gulp plugin to change a file's extension

haml-coffee-loader Require and automatically compile haml-coffee (.hamlc) files.

hapi-cls continuation-local storage extension for hapi

hidash Yet another mixin extension of lodash, with join product, toDictionary and filtermap

jackalope Javascript with antlers

jadequire require jade files in node

js-plugins An extension-point based open plugin framework

micron Minimalist extensions to the Node.js core HTTP server.

mimer A simple Mime type getter

montblanc A Stylus library

mysql-ext Extension to mysql module abstracting some common SQL queries

nodext Plugin-driven Node.js applications

nodext-create Create CMS UI extension for nodext

outer-shelljs ShellJS wrapper (findByRegex, events, etc.)

pegjs-require Require extension to load PEG.js files

polite-driver-manager cool design pattern to run logic agnostic stuff!

polite-plugin-manager Stuning plugin manager for NodeJS

promise-ext An Ecmascript 6 Polyfill which is strictly following specification + Extensions

riblet A lightweight Backbone framework

roots-util a utility for building roots extensions

scriptchain Helper for Chrome extensions that injects a chain of JavaScript files into a content page in sequence.

steer Use steer to control your chrome (the browser)

stringwarp Warp in some additional String functions

underscore-x Extend some features of underscore.js

underscore.transparent Push Underscore.js and Underscore.string functions to native JavaScript Objects. Yep! You have Sugar JS code styling but with Underscore

underscorex underscorex are some basic extensions for underscore.js

webglew WebGL extension wrangler

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