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amdextract Extracts AMD modules, their parts and an optimized output without unused dependencies.

anchors Extract anchor tags from HTML and parse them into objects with useful information.

article-title Extract the article title of a HTML document

asset-inliner Parses your markup and replaces references to external assets with inline code

assetment Assesses & extracts references to all the assets in your markup.

decompress Easily extract zip, tar and tar.gz archives

decompress-zip A library for reading data from zip files

dmg extract files out of .dmg files (OSX only)

download Download and extract files effortlessly

download-github-repo Download and extract a GitHub repository from node.

ets It extracts all strings to translate and saves them in a file.

extract Extract specific properties from objects and generate new one.

extract-flags Extract command-line arguments from a list, removing matches from the original array

extract-frustum-planes Extracts the planes for a WebGL viewing frustum

extract-github Extract the Github project / repository URL from a given object

extract-opts Extract the options and callback from a function's arguments easily

extractdoc For extracting structured text from an existing document

extractif Extract EXIF data using exif from libexif

feedfinder Transform stream there extracts feed links from a HTML page

file-extractor Extract data from text files or log files using regular expressions.

fn-args Get the arguments of a function

function-to-string Extract parameters and body of a function into strings

get-urls Get all urls in a string

glsl-extract extract uniforms and attributes from glsl programs

grunt-asset-inliner Grunt plugin that parses your markup and replaces references to external assets with inline code.

grunt-media-query-extractor Combine and extract media queries for mobile-first responsive design

grunt-split-styles Split a CSS file based on selectors. Useful for old IE stylesheets

grunt-stylist Extract selectors from files into stylesheets.

gulp-angular-gettext Gulp plugin for extracting/compiling angular-gettext strings

haystack A find and match utility. Search for a string or an array of strings within a string or array or strings.

html-extractor Extract meta-data from a html string. It extracts the body, title, meta-tags and first headlines to a object to push them to a search indexer like elastic-search

json-extract Extract JSON values from a JSON file.

jsonq jsonQ is a light weight and feature-rich javascript library to make your world around JSON fast and easy. For a JSON, it makes traversing , extracting data and manipulating it very simple.

jsteaser Creates a summary for articles

keyword-extract Extract relevant keywords from a text.

keyword-extractor Module for creating a keyword array from a string and excluding stop words.

linkscrape A Node.js module to scrape and normalize links from an HTML string.

mozilla-extract Extract a mozilla product from .tar.bz2 or .dmg

mp3s Extracting MP3 Urls From Given URL

ms-viewstate Utility functions for working with VIEWSTATE and EVENTVALIDATION hashes in ASP.NET-generated HTML markup.

no-exif Remove Exif and GPS location data from JPEG images and create new files with the .noexif.jpg extension while preserving the original files and filenames.

nodejs-zip The simplest Zip for Node.js

noflo-lift Lift Packets for Processing in NoFlo

object-enhancements Many helpful functions for javascript Object

pa-archive Extract and create .pa archives

pdf-html-extract Extract html from pdfs using Poppler's pdftohtml

pdf-text-extract Extract text from pdfs that contain searchable pdf text

pdftxt extract text from pdf documents

postdata Extract the POST or PUT data from a request

readability2 [readability2.js] converts an HTML page into plain text

regex-extract extracts text out of the first capturing group

saxtract A simple SAX + XPATH type parser for converting XML to JS objects

script-tags Utils for HTML script tags. Extracts script tags from HTML and parse them into objects with useful information.

surface-nets General purpose level set extraction

tar-stream tar-stream is a streaming tar parser and generator and nothing else. It is streams2 and operates purely using streams which means you can easily extract/parse tarballs without ever hitting the file system.

textract Extracting text from files of various type including pdf, doc, docx, xls, xlsx, pptx, png, jpg, gif, rtf, text/*.

tldtools Extracts a domain into its component parts (node-url wrapper), performs domain inspection functions

unbitly Shortened URL extractor

underscore.string.words underscore.string.words the right way

unzip Unzip cross-platform streaming API compatible with fstream and fs.ReadStream

url-extract Snapshot & extract url library

urls-md Convert URLs to Markdown links and images: Extracts URLs from text → Gets their article title → Creates Markdown links

vals Extracts property values of an object.

xlsx-extract super-simple async XLSX reader with low memory footprint

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