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amino Clustering framework for Node.js

amino-gateway Clusterable load-balancer for Amino services

amino-redis Redis plugin for amino 1.x

amino-request Service request plugin for amino 1.x

amino-service Decentralized service registry plugin for amino 1.x

amino-spec Simple class for representing an amino service

failover Failover solution for managing cluster fucks

is-alive Is-Alive checks servers if they are responding anymore

memcached A fully featured Memcached API client, supporting both single and clustered Memcached servers through consistent hashing and failover/failure. Memcached is rewrite of nMemcached, which will be deprecated in the near future.

memcached_ext CSV and JSON extensions to memcached

node-redis-failover redis failover solution based on ZooKeeper

redis-cluster-client Automatic Redis Failover

secretagent A socket-based messaging system with `automatic failover`

tallship-manifest High availability service management - a list of the cargo carried by a ship, made for the use of various agents and officials at the ports of destination.

zmqbus A broker-less message bus with failover

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