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any-db-fake Fake adapter factory for testing any-db related libraries

casual Fake data generator

charlatan Fake identities generator for node.js (names, addresses, phones, IPs and others). Supports multiple languages.

commitish generate fake commit sha1s.substr(0,6)s

console-faker Get some file content to be printed out on console while you type anything on your keyboard.

contrived a simple way to load contrived data for your node app

dolos A test data generator for creating objects

dynalite A mock implementation of Amazon's DynamoDB built on LevelDB

dyson Node server for dynamic, fake JSON.

dyson-generators Fake data generators for dyson

dyson-image Image proxy and base64 generator for dyson

dyson-lorempixel Image proxy and base64 generator for dyson

fabrication Fabricate real objects with fake data

fake-dynamo-gem A node wrapper for the fake_dynamo gem

fake-fs Fake file system for testing

fake-rates Generates fake FX rates for real currency pairs

fake-server Nock.js-based server to fake API responses

fake.js Fakejs ======

fakematrix A simple script to scare people

fakequery Fake jQuery...

fakeredis Fake redis for testing, works as a drop-in replacement for node_redis

fakesocket Fake socket for manipulating http internals.

fakesome Easily create colossal amounts of fake data

fakestream readable stream of fake data

fmg API to interact with

ftwitter Drop in replacement for ntwitter that supplies fake data without the need for OAuth keys.

fzkes A faking library

gibberish Generate fake, non-sense, random data

is-disposable-email Determine if an email is a [disposable email address]( like ``. You can use it to detect or block disposable accounts in your signup process.

is-personal-email Determine if an email is a personal email address, like ``. You can use it to detect personal accounts in your signup process.

jenerator Generate fake data according your input options

json-server Serves JSON files through REST routes.

jsonplaceholder A simple fake REST API server for testing and prototyping.

keepingbusy a cli tool which help you to pretend to be very busy

longlang Generates fake language (longer or shorter) from a localisation file, preserving inline HTML.

madlibs string based fake data

mail-null Fake SMTP server that doesn't deliver the received mails. Useful for debugging and testing apps that send email.

mammock Mammock is a node.js service mocking framework designed to be quick and easy, allowing developers to fill the "missing gaps" in services during development.

middleware-tester Test your middleware with fake requests

minifake Fakes (Mocks, Stubs) with built in contract testing

mocks Set of mock modules for easy testing (fs, http)

phony A fake data generator.

raml-fake-api Autogenerate RAML Fake APIs.

randomuser A Simple Node.js Library for the REST API

readline-testharness Harness for testing modules that add functionality to the nodejs readline.

realish Data faking/obfuscation library based on real data

require-mocked Utility library that allows you to inject your mocks into modules code

sinon-restore simply adds restoreAll() to sinon

spooks A small and simple library for creating unit test spies and mock objects.

spyquery Fake jQuery...

test-cli Test CLI applications (that are written a certain way).

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