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connect-favicons Serve site icons (favicon and apple-touch-icon(s)) quickly from any directory.

fav parse and convert ICO icon files to PNG or JPEG using node canvas"

favicon find the url of a web site's favicon image

favicon-component Dynamic favicon replacement component

favicon-setter Super-simple tool for dynamically setting the favicon image on a page.

favicon2png Get favicon from domain and convert to PNG

faviconico GET /favicon.ico

faviconr Service (and a pluggable Node.js express app) for resolving a favicon for a given URL

find-favicon find favicon.ico from html

grunt-favicons Generate favicon.ico and icons for iOS, Android, Windows 8 and Firefox (OS)

ico-ico find the url of a web site's favicon image

icon Convert an image to thumbnails suitable for favicon, metro tiles, touch icons.

koa-favi favicon middleware for koa

koa-favicon favicon bounce middleware for koa

noticon-component Numeric favicon notification bubbles

pie-component Pie charts for component/favicon

piecon-component Pie charts for component/favicon

static-favicon favicon serving middleware with caching

tianma-mark Mark pipe for tianma.

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