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autofile-download Task that downloads files

docparse-fetch-imacros fetch details about a pdf document using the sha1 hash value

docparse-upload-fetch Fetch the latest version of an upload document from the docparse database

fetch-upload-s3 fetch an asset (a picture for instance) from a remote server and upload it to S3 (and remove the local copy). Or upload a local file on S3

getit Retrieve local and remote files through a simple interface

git-branch-deploy Setup repository branch for deployment

git-fetch A codec for fetching a git repo over tcp.

git-fetch-pack git's smart fetch-pack protocol

github-download Easily download Github repos without any external dependencies such as Git, Tar, Unzip, etc.

grunt-fetch-pages Grunt plugin for fetching URLs and saving the result as local files

moira Most Outstanding IP Reporting Assistant

node-spy Concurrent Spider with Node.js and server-side jQuery

pdfer-fetch-imacros fetch details about a pdf document using the sha1 hash value

pullable Pullable serves git repositories in read only mode over http.

uncurled Like curl, but in pure JavaScript.

uri-stream Stream contents from a URI

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