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fft-windowing Applies a windowing function to an array of data, making it ready to be FFT'd.

frequency-viewer plot frequencies in the browser from raw data

ndarray-convolve Convolution and cross correlation functions for ndarrays

ndarray-fft FFT for ndarrays

ndarray-translate-fft Translates ndarrays using sinc interpolation

ndfft n-dimensional fast Fourier transform for JavaScript

phase-align Finds patterns in ndarrays

poly-mult-fft Multiplies polynomials together using an FFT

probability A set of tools that probably help out with probability

sillyscope silly oscilloscope

stft Short time Fourier transform

web-audio-analyser A thin wrapper around the Web Audio API that takes an <audio> element and gives you its waveform/frequency data in return.

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