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express-partial-response Express middleware for filtering-out parts of JSON responses based on the `fields` query-string.

field Easily set and get values of a field in your JavaScript object.

fieldsio JSON CMS

galois Native module for math with galois fields

json-expected-stream Filter stream that enforces only selected JSON object string elements exist and that they exist in order

json-fields JSON.parse and JSON.stringify for certain properties of an object

json-mask Tiny language and engine for selecting specific parts of a JS object, hiding the rest.

json-mask-stream Filter stream that keeps selected JSON object strings that retains selected object structures

phys Physics Library designed for Javascript

rye JavaScript implemetation of Galois (finite) fields algebra for academic purposes

sift-projection MondoDB inpired array projection

validator-ext A Node.js module used to validate fields in a JSON Object. This is an extension over validator.

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