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follow-file Provide a simple way to watch and a file even if it is truncated.

fquery file selection and processing for node

fragment-include Wash your files with this preprocessor and DRY

fs-equals test pieces of the file system for equality

fs-extension get file extension

fs-extra fs-extra contains methods that aren't included in the vanilla Node.js fs package. Such as mkdir -p, cp -r, and rm -rf.

fs-find-root search up directories

fs-finder File system recursive finder

fs-lint File naming consistency verification tool.

fs-promise Filesystem methods as promises, with optional fs-extra and fs-graceful dependencies

fs-reduce Reducible filesystem library

fs-reverse stream the lines of a file in reverse order!

fs-tools fs helper utilities (walk, copy, mkdir -p)

fs-utils File system extras and utilities to extend the Node.js fs module.

fs2json Translates a filesystem directory structure into a JSON object

fs3 Handle Amazon S3 objects like a file system in Node (i.e. fs module)

fsautil Asynchronous filesystem utilities

fscache A caching utility that stores data as json in files

fscloud Local and Cloud filesystem storage for node

fsext 'fsext' is a small extention for the nodejs FS module

fshelpers Some helper functions for more convenient file system operations in NodeJS.

fsis A set of utility methods for determining if a path is a specific type of resource without having to call fs.stat and then one of the is* methods on the returned Stat object. See Node.js fs.Stat methods.

fsj Convert a file tree to a json blob

fsmonitor Fine-grained cross-platform file system monitoring for Node.js

fson fson ====

fsplus a enhancement of file system utils in Node.js

fsr-logger Simple wrapper over file-stream-rotator that lets you make easy loggers

fsu Unique file name with streams support

fsutil Synchronous filesystem utilities

generic-watcher generic-watcher ===============

genji-static A static file serving middleware for genji framework.

get-uri Returns a `stream.Readable` from a URI string

ghost-s3 S3 file module for Ghost blog

git-export-file Export (from a git repo) a particular revision of the specified file(s). Defaults to the last revision in which each file was changed.

git-file read file and directory data from a git repo as streams

gitlett Read from a git repository just like you would the filesystem

glance disposable fileserver

glob-manifest Another wrapper around node-glob which provides multi-matching. Main feature this package provides is a smart removal of duplicates to make it easy to build ordered file manifests.

glob-whatev A quick and dirty file globbing utility based on minimatch.

globber Wrapper around node-glob with a friendly DSL

globule An easy-to-use wildcard globbing library.

gloth Multiple glob expansions with exclusions and hooks

grab-bag Easily loads and stores system resources

gridform Stream formidable uploads into MongoDB GridFS

gridform-uuid Stream formidable uploads into MongoDB GridFS

gridfs-locks Distributed read/write locking based on MongoDB, designed to make GridFS safe for concurrent access

grunt-contrib-symlink Create symbolic links.

grunt-curl Download files from the internet via grunt.

grunt-diff Run tasks only when target files change.

grunt-file-info Automate template-driven updates of project file stats to project documentation.

grunt-file-process Grunt plugin for files (text-based) processing activities.

grunt-file-replace Replaces the files from local or network source.

grunt-fileindex Write index files of directory contents

grunt-ftp Upload files to an FTP-server

grunt-nar Create and extract nar archives

grunt-nodestatic Start a node-static web server (perfect as a development server combined with watch or regarde).

grunt-open Open urls and files from a grunt task

grunt-remove Remove directory and files

grunt-renderer Render Handlebars files with given data

grunt-rsync-2 Copy files to a (remote) machine with rsync. supports maps with target:source entries

grunt-size-report Create size report of your project

grunt-ttime Record task completion time as mtime of a file

grunt-uniator Combine style-tags and CSS-files linked by HTML-file into one or several files or style-tags

grunt-url-image-crawler Crawl your CSS/SCSS or HTML files for img URL's and store the crawled image URL's in a local JSON file.

grunt-util-digest Grunt Plugin for calculating Message Digest of Source Files

gulp-changed Only pass through changed files

gulp-changed-old Only pass through changed files

gulp-chmod Change permissions of Vinyl files

gulp-chown Change ownership of Vinyl files

gulp-debug Debug vinyl file streams

gulp-dynamo Helps you generate your gulp.js file, so you can concentrate on building awesome apps

gulp-ext-replace Small gulp plugin to change a file's extension

gulp-file-activity Display activity of gulp streams as they are passed around

gulp-file-include a gulp plugin for file include

gulp-file-includer a gulp plugin for file include, based on grunt-file-include plugin.

gulp-filter Filter files in a vinyl stream

gulp-ftp Upload files to an FTP-server

gulp-imports Gulp plugin for importing/including files

gulp-micro Ensure your micro-lib stays micro

gulp-nar Create and extract nar archives

gulp-size Display the size of your project

gulp-tar Create tarball from files

gulp-using Lists all files used

gulp-zip ZIP compress files

handlebars-watcher Directory watcher for handlebars files and will compile into specified directory on change.

haraldutil App utility functions by Harald Rudell

hardhat Scaffolding utility for blue-collar programmers.

hash_file A simple utility for getting a hash of a file

hash-file Create a hashed file name

hashd hash all the files recursively from a specified path, appreciate .ignore files. uses `sha1` by default.

hashfile calculates the hash of a file

hashonym cp files using the content hash as the filename

hawkeye Monitors files for changes and fires commands straight at them when they do.

hifile generate markup for highlight.js file viewer

holder A simple caching utility Asynchronous file system utility library for and nodeJS

hosty Host file manager

hotfunctionsmanager This module provides a class that reads a given directory in order to parse files supposed to contain javascript functions. Then, the object parses and evaluates all those functions, making them available for the developer. Also, the developer can, through this object, add functions will the process is running, and the added functions can be written to the filesystem also.

http-file-server HTTP file server

http-post Shortcut method similar to http.get() for HTTP POST requests with support for data and files

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