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camelcaser a simple module to capitalize first letter of your filename

filename-id Create IDs from filenames

filename-replace replace all file's name with regexp in folder

filesaver Stores files in folders easily

fileswap-stream Write to a writable file-stream that swaps out it's underlying file resources according to swapper and namer functions

fsu Unique file name with streams support

gulp-output Gulp plugin which output filenames.

hash-filename A command line tool that puts the hash of a file into its filename.

i64base URL, Filename, AWS safe Base64 Integer Strings (BAS) without dependencies.

latent Latent is a writable stream that buffers data until you decide where to write it by calling open(filename).

node-name Basic utility methods for transforming and handling file paths.

pathcap Recursively rename directories and files to have names no longer than given number of bytes.

pretty-filename A simple helper to create a pretty filename from a string (leaves out anything but alphanumeric chars and the usual dashes).

sanitize-filename Sanitize string for use as filename

slugify-url Maps urls to simplified strings usable as filenames

temp-write Write String/Buffer to a random temp file

temp-write-old Write String/Buffer to a random temp file

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