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andre a Node.js file-watching template compiler for ejs and underscore templates

apigee-uploader Upload data to Apigee Storage

appender a module to append files

atropa-exists Utilities for checking the existence of files and folders.

audit-fs Audit file/directory properties and content

backup Web Site backup & restore

baller Organizes your configuration files

batchfile Batch operations, transformations, and conversions on files.

batchtransform Batch transform/convert a collection of files e.g. convert a collection of markdown template files to html files.

bones-files File handling for Bones.

broccoli-static-compiler Broccoli compiler to copy static files

categorize-files Categorize given files by extensions

cloudup cloudup command-line executable

cloudup-cli cloudup command-line executable

cloudup-client cloudup api client

co-walk walk a file tree and return list of files

coleccionista Helper class that streams files one by one.

colored colorizes streams/files

combiner Flexible file-joining library with functional middleware support.

component-source Print a component's source files

copy_diff Take file diffs as input and copy or print modified files.

crafity-filesystem Crafity File System Framework

css-find-assets Find all asset files in a CSS AST

dedup Remove duplicate identical files from a list.

deliver Deliver local and remote static files

diet-upload File upload api for node.js

digger-files File uploader and CSV file importer for digger

dir-stream stream filenames

docpad-plugin-associatedfiles DocPad plugin that fetches any associated files for our particular document

dstruc Get directories and files recursively.

dubdrop Simple drag and drop file handler.

dupes A command line tool for finding duplicate files

eachfile Iterate the files of a directory

ecstatic A simple static file server middleware that works with both Express and Flatiron

encryptionhelper A collection of helper functions that encrypt, decrypt, and hash strings and files based on the native crypto module

este-watch Fast and reliable files watcher.

exclusion-manager Manages a list of file or directory names (or patterns) to ignore/exclude and provides an easy to way check if a file or directory name should be ignored.

file-gateway Optimize the apps with multiple data files

file-pointer Object wrapper for files and folders

file-rw Read and write files more easily

filedump Store files

filemap Conviniently load a bunch of files.

filepad FilePad is a file browser and editor built with node.js, coffeecript and nowpad

filepath A little utility interface for working with the filesystem in Node.js.

filerake Traverse a directory to build a MongoDB collection with the found files. Then it's enable to keep directory and collection synchronised.

fileutils Some utilities that diminish the suck of working with the file system in node

final-fs Promised wrapper for node fs module with usefull additional set of functions.

find Find files or directories by name

finder-cli Quick and dirty cross-platform CLI tool for searching for files to open with favorite editor.

flat-file-db Fast in-process flat file database that caches all data in memory

foldermap Module for mapping folder structure to object

fs-compare Compare file stats of two files.

fs-lint File naming consistency verification tool.

fs-watcher Monitor a tree of files and folders for creations, changes, and deletions

fs2 fs (file system package) extensions

ftp-response-parser Parser for FTP server responses

getline Classes for reading line-terminated data in files

gideros-broom Cleaner of Gideros project to optimize files

gloth Multiple glob expansions with exclusions and hooks

grider REST uploader for MongoDB's GridFS

gridfs-locks Distributed read/write locking based on MongoDB, designed to make GridFS safe for concurrent access

grunt-audit-fs Verify build file/directory properties and content with audit-fs

grunt-buildfiles Build and set javascript, css, html, and less assets dynamically for other grunts tasks (jshint, concat, uglify) and to build index.html and other grunt template files

grunt-files-list Create templated list of files

grunt-find Faster dynamic file expansion

grunt-fingerprint Assets versioning task for Grunt.

grunt-git-ref-changed-files Detects which files have changed between two git refs.

grunt-list-files grunt file list task: allows creation of templated files list

grunt-nar Create and extract nar archives

grunt-newer Run Grunt tasks with only those source files modified since the last successful run.

grunt-regarde Observe a set of files for changes

gulp-changed Only pass through changed files

gulp-changed-old Only pass through changed files

gulp-filter Filter files in a vinyl stream

gulp-ftp Upload files to an FTP-server

gulp-funnel Join streams into an array

gulp-nar Create and extract nar archives

gulp-output Gulp plugin which output filenames.

gulp-surgeon Surgical percision for Gulp

gulp-tar Create tarball from files

handlebars-watcher Directory watcher for handlebars files and will compile into specified directory on change.

hash-files A simple function for computing the hash of the contents of one or more files

ifs an instant file server that you can run anywhere from the command line

ignorepatterns A regular expression that matches common filenames that we want to ignore

imvi capitalized first letter of the files inside a folder

in-its-right-place magically puts files in their right place.

infer-entity-headers Infers http entity headers from path, entity and existing headers.

johnnys-node-static My own version of node-static based on the original Node module.

jsConcat a node script that takes all your js files and bangs them together into one nice compressed file

jsftp A sane FTP client implementation for NodeJS

jsoncfg Easily read JSON files from a directory. Great for configuration.

jspb parser pieces for assembly files

junk Filter out OS junk files like .DS_Store and Thumbs.db

kckr Yet another file kicker. However, this is the one you'll want to use. It's built on the super reliable file watching technique that coffee-script's cli app uses.

kindly A thin wrapper for fs to group files by type

load-modules Load the resolved filepaths to npm modules, either directly in your config or from Underscore/Lo-Dash templates.

loadfiles Load every file from a given directory.

log-watcher Watches log files for changes and sends a notification if a pre-defined pattern is detected or a tracked file is deleted.

logcast ERROR: No file found!

markalldown Combine multiple markdown files

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