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assemble-swig-example Example project using Assemble and Swig.

hasp Before and after filters for Rendr

liquid-filters-lite Standard Filters for Liquid template engine

mongohooks A thin before/after filter extension for the mongojs node-module

node-pipes Pipes Library

pep Peppy string interpolation library with value filters such as 'pluralize' & 'articlize'.

pipes-and-filters Pipes and Filters for Node.js to divide a larger processing task into a sequence of smaller, independent processing steps (Filters) that are connected by channels (Pipes).

pseudo A simple loader of actions and middlewares for express.js

simplator-type-filters Simplator filters for simple types formatting.

swig-extras A collection of extra handy tags and filters for Swig Templates.

swig-marked Markdown filters and tags for swigs, backed by marked

thug-redis A set of redis methods for thug models

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