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astar-andrea Andrea Giammarchi's path finder with A* (A star).

cdnfinder Set of scripts to detect CDN usage of websites

confortable Finds the right recursively placed config file

filefetcher Node.js utility; stupidly-simple recursive / non-recursive project file fetcher.

finder Highly configurable file finder for NodeJS (works synchronously or asynchronously)

finder-on-steroids Recursively finds files and directories.

finder-path Get the path of the current directory in Finder (OS X)

fine Tiny, recursive and synchronous file finder utility

fs-finder File system recursive finder

grunt-angular-i18n-finder Find key name for Angular i18n

grunt-didumean Display possible typos in your code

grunt-license-finder Finds licenses in a node project and its dependencies

gulp-license-finder Find licenses of project and dependencies

looker Looks for files, and loads or requires them

mineflayer-blockfinder mineflayer plugin which gives bots a function to find the nearest block

nlf Find licenses for a node application and its node_module dependencies

nodebb-plugin-finder finds plugins that you can install for NodeBB

portdiscovery Finds an open port and sends the output to stdout

price-finder Finds the prices of retail items online

slick Standalone CSS Selector Finder and Parser.

traveller Recursive JSON/Object property finder with simple selectors.

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