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array-pack-2d Quickly pack a nested 2D array into a typed array – useful for flattening point data into a WebGL-friendly format

bootflat BOOTFLAT is an open source Flat UI KIT based on Bootstrap 3.1.0 CSS framework. It provides a faster, easier and less repetitive way for web developers to create elegant web apps.

dataobject-parser A nodejs module designed to parse an Object hash transposing between dot-notation and a structured heirarchy of Objects/Arrays.

fixedfile Fixed-width-file generator for Node.js

flat Take a nested Javascript object and flatten it, or unflatten an object with delimited keys

flat-arguments Flatten a function's argument. Like, really flatten

flat-file-db Fast in-process flat file database that caches all data in memory

flat-radio-field flat ui radio select field builder

flat-route Simplest regex router for connect (56 lines of code) with the support of defining route specific logic.

flat-to-nested Convert a hierarchy from flat to nested representation.

flat-ui Flat UI Free is made on the basis of Twitter Bootstrap in a stunning flat-style

flat-validator Simplest cross javascript (node, amd, commonjs, global) validator

flatten-list Flatten an array or array-like objects

flatten-packages flat packages in node_modules

flattenr.js Flattens a nested JSON objects to be more safe use.

flight Simple flat file database

hydro-flat Flat interface for hydro

jide jide.js is a free UI toolkit for modern web applications based on data binding and separation of concerns.

jsonflatter flatten a json object

lowdb JSON database

npm-flat-graph Given a list of modules, recursively retrieve their dependency graph and generate a flat list of each module's dependencies

robot A feature limited static HTML generator for rapid prototyping or simple websites. Similar to FireApp, Hammer or Mixture but with the speed and cross-platform compatibility of Node.js.

safeconfig Flat file configuration management with encryption.

techy Flat CMS based on Gulp and AbsurdJS

treeize Converts tabular row data (as from SQL joins, flat JSON, etc) to deep object graphs based on simple column naming conventions - without the use of an ORM or models.

uxer-flat-dial a flat dial / knob / spin event for touch and mouse

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