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bip-pod-flickr Flickr Pod for Bipio

docpad-plugin-flickrimages DocPad plugin that uploads images to flickr

fickr A simplified browser/node Javascript wrapper for the Flickr API.

flapi A fully testable, dependency light, Flickr API wrapper. Authenticates and makes web requests

flickr A simple wrapper for the Flickr API using oAuth 1.0a auth

flickr-backup Recursively backs up photos to Flickr (with history/state to prevent the same photos from being uploaded again)

flickr-js Simple Flickr API client

flickr-reflection A flickr client using their reflection API

flickr-sync Deprecated. Use flickr-with-uploads instead.

flickr-with-uploads Flickr API with OAuth 1.0A and uploads

flickrapi A Node.js, and client-side, implementation of the Flickr API (for use with an API key, server-side oauth enabled)

flickrnode Flickr Node API

jsonp-flickr Access Flickr's API via Jsonp from your browser

libereco Liberate your photos from the hosting platforms lockin.

noauth Authorization library for OAuth

node-flickr Flickr API Nodejs

oembed-auto make an oEmbed request with a content url

pandas Flickr's Pandas api

passport-flickr Flickr authentication strategy for Passport.

redis-paired-worker A job worker solution that is robust, concurrent and highly available for Node.js using redis.

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