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cforce force enviroment or console variables to be present

credential Easy password hashing and verification in Node. Protects against brute force, rainbow tables, and timing attacks.

d3.force-link-change Manipulate the links array in d3.force.layout objects

d3.force-link-status convenience functions for analysis of d3.layout.force().links() arrays.

d3.force-nodes Operations to add and remove nodes (and their links) from d3 force directed graphs

enforcer Force your Connect app to require SSL.

express-bouncer Express middleware for mitigating brute-force attacks

express-brute A brute-force protection middleware for express routes that rate limits incoming requests

grunt-continue A grunt plugin to force other tasks to continue after failures

mellt Test the strength of a password by calculating how long it would take to brute force it

poly-mult Multiplies polynomials by brute force

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