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angular-field-splitter Angular directive to turn a single field into several fields that remain interconnected

angular-linked-field Angular directive to link two fields based on their content

angular-wizard Easy to use Wizard library for AngularJS

api-media-type A Node.js module exporting a map of common media type names to registered IANA media type names. Built specifically to serve the needs of Web APIs.

attr-submit register form submit handlers by dom attributes

aweforms mustache lambdas to create bootstrap forms

backbone.formify Forms for Backbone.Model or standalone

bb-validation An extendable validation plugin for Backbone with asynchronous tests, custom messages support, form generation, etc...

bootstrap-tokenfield Advanced tagging/tokenizing plugin for input fields with a focus on keyboard and copy-paste support.

burokrat A true bureaucrat needs forms

castform Async form validation on the client and server.

data-media-type A Node.js module for finding IANA registered names for common data types.

demand Form error handling for dietjs

diaglit Dialog builder by @lit_car, based on twitter bootstrap (unofficial ender port)

diet-upload File upload api for node.js

docpad-plugin-contactify DocPad plugin to create, send and customize a contact form.

docpad-plugin-contactifyplus DocPad plugin to create, send and customize a contact form with some extras.

docpad-plugin-formmail DocPad plugin to handle form submissions and mail out their content.

drmonty-chosen Chosen is a library for making long, unwieldy select boxes more friendly.

easypost Read POST data in node.js from a form submission or REST client using an easy manager method: easypost.get(req, res, function (data) {});

express-form Form validation and data filtering for Express

express-form2 Form validation and data filtering for Express( compatible with COKE )

express-mongodb-form-middleware Extremely opinionated resource middleware for express and mongoDB.

express-stickyforms Persistent form middleware for express.

fdf FDF (Form Data Format) generator

fdf.js FDF (Form Data Format) generator using JavaScript

fio Get/set data in form fields with consistent type coercion and validation

fire-mail Waits for entries at a firebase location and then sends details on by email

foreign-key group and reduce rows for foreign key relations for sorted key-value stores like leveldb

form Form processor for filter and validation form data

form_to_object Plain JavaScript method to convert a HTML form (fields and values) to JavaScript (multidimensional) object.

form-scraper Scrape and Submit forms easily...

form-serialize serialize html forms

form-serializer serialize form fields into an object or JSON

form-urlencoded Encodes `x-www-form-urlencoded` string data

form-warden Validation Framework for both server and client side validation in nodejs and clientside browser

form2json Advanced decoder for form-urlencoded data

formal Simple, flexible node.js form module with casting and validation; inspired by mongoose

formal-mongoose formal + mongoose = DRY! Define your form from your mongoose schema.

formaline formaline is a module for handling form requests ( HTTP POSTs / PUTs ) and for fast parsing of file uploads.

formatik To validate associative arrays

former Populate html form elements with data and return updated object

formstream A multipart/form-data encoded stream, helper for file upload.

formwatcher Unobtrusively improve forms with JavaScript. Written for ender.

formwatcher-date-picker Date picker using CalEnder

formwatcher-hint Cross browser beautiful hints

gaffa-form form view for gaffa

generator-angular-mongodb-login Extends Yeoman generator for AngularJS and includes a sub-generator to scaffold user login page backed by MongoDB. NOTE: this is just an idea for now; if you like/need it star the project and I'll be happy to put more hours into it.

grunt-ngbs-forms Generate forms using Angular for validations and Bootstrap for styles from short and concise descriptions of the fields.

gulp-ngbs-forms Generate forms using Angular for validations and Bootstrap for styles from short and concise descriptions of the fields.

heya-form Form: form-related utilities imported from Dojo.

horn-sat Solves HORNSAT

html-ui HTML user interface builder.

input Get the input from a request

jinplace A jQuery plugin for in place editing on a page, primarly controlled by HTML markup.

jquery-autosize Automatically adjust textarea height based on user input.

jquery-continuous-calendar Date picker and range selector with scrollable months instead of paged

jquery-emulatetab A jQuery plugin to emulate tabbing between elements on a page.

json2htmlform Converts json documents to html5 forms

jsynth-waveform draws waveforms to canvas

justform Form Utility

koa-formidable Formidable middleware for Koa

light-form-generator A light-weighted form generator.

lp_commit commit application form list

luhn-check validation for credit cards using the Luhn algorithm

mailcheck A standalone module that suggests a right domain when your users misspell it in an email address.

mailto Transform your HTML forms in beautiful mailto: links, form submission or XHR requests.

migr Fills foreign citisen arrival form required by federal migration service of Russia

minschema a (html form) schema builder & validator

mongoose-form-factory-types More types for mongoose

mongoose-jsonform mongoose-jsonform for generate jsonform json-schema directly from mongoose-schema.

mpm.form Form library from the web

multer Connect middleware for handling multipart/form-data

multipartser Unfancy evented multipart form request parser.

parsleyjs Validate your forms, frontend, without writing a single line of javascript!

password-strength Check if a password is strong enough.

pedantic-pick an improved `_.pick` that also validates picked attributes

plexus-form A dynamic form component for react using JSON-Schema.

poor-form Built upon formaline's ultrafast parser, truly a formidable competitor.

quick-forms A node module that provides methods to easily generate well structured form elements with labels

railway-bootstrap Render Twitter Bootstrap HTML forms with RailwayJS models

ravens node.js contact form handler using ReCaptcha

rawformdata Generate raw form data for posting and uploading via http or https.

reformed A high-level form field handling and validation module for busboy

reformer Super customizable, Self-contained, self-rendering, self-validating forms that can only output valid data.

reformer-username Field plugin for reformer, that handles the annoying problem of username validataion in forms.

rref solve systems of linear equations using gaussian elimination

s3cors Direct CORS uploads to S3.

save-slave-dave a crazy little fellow that watches for changes on an input component and graciously offers to save them

select2-browser A jQuery based replacement for select boxes.

signup A simple service API that can be used to handle website forms, like signups and contact forms

springform For cheesecake and full-stack form processing

survana A framework for creating and deploying questionnaires

survana-admin Survana administration module

the_validator universal validation through a json interface

trivial-multipart multipart form data (with no file uploads) that works with request

upload Asynchronous file uploading using HTML5 file uploading or background iframes

urlencode-stream A streams2 Transform stream that urlencodes the text piped through it.

utf8-fdf-generator Generates FDF (PDF form input) files with UTF-8 support.

validate-obj simple way to validate object

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